What That Tiny Pocket Above Your Jeans Pocket Is Actually Meant For

I’m sure you’ll agree with me: that small pocket above the main side pocket of our jeans is mainly for us to put our coins or keys. In fact, that function is so widely popular that even some dress pants have that small pocket.

But what if I tell you that right from the start, the design isn’t meant for that function?

Yeah, you’ve read it right. That tiny pocket isn’t for your coins.

#1 What’s Up With This Tiny Pocket?

If your like millions of denim jeans wearers, you have no doubt asked yourself ‘WTF is this little teeny weeny pocket inside my front pocket for?’

#2 Here’s How This Pocket Got Started..

The Levi Strauss Company began selling jeans in the early 1800’s, and were soon followed by the Lee Denim Wear Company. Levi was the first to add the fifth pocket, but of course, the Lee Jean soon came out with it’s own version of that extra pocket. But what for?

#3 It’s A Watch Pocket!

Long, long ago, in the 1800s, cowboys used to do labor work and therefore can’t wear their chain watch while working as it might interfere with their work or they might break the watch. During that time, a watch was considered a pretty expensive item. Therefore, jeans were created with a tiny pocket in front so that before they started work, they would put the chain watch in that pocket.

As time went by, people started to wear normal wrist watch, but that pocket remained. Now, people have many functions for that, and with the popularity of it, dress pants started to have them in their seam too.

#4 Now It’s Called A Coin Pocket!

At the turn of the 20th century, pocket watches fell out of style and became obsolete. As a result, the jeans were refreshed in 1901 with a few notable changes. Lee Jeans actually remade their jeans first, and yes, Levi followed suit this time making most jeans with that little unusable pocket. The watch pocket got downsized from about 3.5” to 3” now that bulky watch fobs were less commonly carried. To reflect the change in design and purpose, the watch pocket was renamed the “coin pocket” that you’re familiar with today.

#5 But You Can Now Use That Pocket To Store Lot’s Of Things.

As a testament to its versatility, the fifth pocket goes by many names depending on its usage, such as the match pocket, condom pocket, mint pocket, and as mentioned before, watch pocket and coin pocket. So unless you are still carrying around a watch on a chain, you can use it for anything you wish.. here are some fun examples:

#6 You Can Always Keep Condiments On Hand.

One sugar and maybe 2 packets of salt will fit snug in there.

#7 Keep A Piece Of Candy At The Ready..

Just one piece. In case of a sweet tooth attack!

#8 Use That Pocket For Carrying A Thumb Drive.

Or snap a pager/beeper to, if you’re stuck in the 90’s.

#9 Never Be Without Lip Balm Or Skin Cream.

A tube of something personal like maybe a Chapstick fits pretty nicely in the pocket.

#10 It’s Also Great For Nail Clippers Or Swiss Army Knives.

Like the fifth pocket itself, our list is fairly small compared to the number of pocketable possibilities out there. Now that you know it’s not just a design or fashion statement, make use of that space!