What Is A Borescope and Why You Need One

There are many amazing things one can do with extensions that can be attached to a smartphone, but you might not have heard of a borescope and how it can help you with delicate operations that require such an instrument. If you’ve never used one, you might not know exactly what it is and how it can help you. That’s the information you will learn right away.

What is a borescope?

Seeing how similar a borescope is to an endoscope, one might feel tempted to believe they are the same thing. But while an endoscope is used to inspect the human body and it’s a medical device, a borescope is something you use for checking work areas that you cannot normally access. Practically, a borescope is a long cable with a camera at one end that offers you vision to places where you need to establish if there is a problem. Take, for instance, a plumbing problem. If there is a pipe broken inside a wall, that’s not something you can quickly establish.

The borescope can be inserted through a narrow opening and then pushed so that it can scout around. It is a tool to see in the dark, too, since its camera comes with illumination. It is convenient since it can be hooked with your smartphone or other mobile devices to supply the video feed of what its camera is seeing.

Learning about the different types of borescopes

Choosing a borescope can be easy if you have the necessary information at hand. For instance, you can learn everything about this topic from opticsandlab.com, where such info is readily available. To start with the beginning, you should be aware that there are mainly two types of borescopes on the market.

One of them is the rigid type, and the other is the flexible type. Let’s take a look at what they are suitable for, and what are the downsides so that you can pick one without a problem.

What is a rigid borescope useful for?

The first and most important advantage of this type of borescope is that it is really cheap. If you need a simple tool to help you in your inspection work, you would hardly find anything less expensive than this type of model.

Another advantage is that they come equipped with pretty powerful cameras for how small they are. That means that you will be able to check quickly what is going wrong with your car engine or the pipes in the wall. Also, rigid models tend to be pretty easy to use, which means that you will find them pretty handy.

However, since they are cameras installed at the end of a rigid extension, you should know that you can’t move them as you please. Also, the viewing capabilities are rather low, so pick such a model only if you know for sure that you won’t get frustrated over these drawbacks.

Is a flexible borescope a better choice? Experts in advanced inspection techniques will give you a sound ‘yes’ as the answer to this question. Besides having the advantage of an excellent quality camera, just like the rigid models, flexible borescopes offer you an increased range of motion. They are quite versatile, and they can be used for a broad range of applications without a glitch.

However, you should bear in mind that they cost more than the rigid ones. When you use them, you may not find them that easy to maneuver, so you might need a bit of time to get used to a flexible borescope and make the best out of it.


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