What Happened To Man ‘Bundled Into Van After Stealing Proof of Aliens From Area 51 ?

A COUPLE have come forward to shockingly claim they witnessed the sinister abduction by federal agents of a man who claimed to have stolen video of real aliens from the top-secret Area 51 military base.

The outrageous allegations were made in a report which claims the incident happened more than 20 years ago. And the couple say they have been troubled ever since over what may have happened to the “kidnap victim”.

The woman has reported her claims to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates suspected UFO and alien cases, in the hope she can discover what happened to the man who she claims first approached her at an auto garage in Casa Grande, Arizona, in around 1995.

The “missing man” claimed to have obtained video from Area 51, which proved dead aliens were stored there in the Nevada desert, according to the report.

According to conspiracy theorists the mysterious US Air Force base Area 51 is where evidence of alien visitations, including dead bodies from the alleged Roswell flying saucer crash of 1947, is hidden away.

The witness report said: “He told me that he knew it sounded far fetched but that he has been running from town to town trying to stay hidden from the government secret military.

“He said that he felt he finally had lost them and that he was there to get the vehicle tagged to fit in the state of Arizona and with his new fictitious name.

“He said he was on a mission to break out the truth to the world about UFOs, and that fact that they were real and he could prove it.

“He said that his mission was to tell as many as possible and to prove it to all he could by means of showing people the evidence he had stolen from Area 51.

“He explained that this is where the government and military try to hide the truth of aliens.

“And the fact is they are real and that he wanted me to see his evidence.

“He stated he stole at least reels of video tape feed all showing information and documentation of actual aliens.”

The witness said she and her boyfriend agreed to meet this man at a motel to view the evidence.

But, when they got there, they saw something sinister.

The report added: “The man instructed me that he was at this one motel I knew of and that he was in the first room on the south end and I knew perfectly where this was.

“We pull into to motel and and the man’s car was not pulled up all the way into the parking spot and a rear passenger door was still open.

“His motel room door had been kicked in and it was down.

“I could see the manager of the motel going in an opposite direction from us and he would not respond to my calling to him.

“We were out looking around stunned at all that had taken place when we saw in the middle of the parking area sat a white new van and the doors were slamming shut and the driver was in a hurry to leave.

“Noise like kicking the panels inside the van could be heard as it kicked up rocks speeding away from us.”

The couple were spooked and did not report it at the time, but were troubled by it ever since.

The report added: “This has always bothered me. What happened to him? Is anyone looking for him? Did he survive this ordeal?

“I want to tell the little tiny part of this story in effort to help solve a possible missing person situation.

“In case this man had never shown up anywhere again.

“Just maybe somebody will recognise the very general information I do know about and that it might help solve a serious event.”

She said the man was around 45, tall, white, pale-skinned, with no facial hair and a receding hair line with light hair.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, has reviewed the claims.

He said: “This is a fascinating story straight out of the X-Files, but when you think about the details it does seem to fall apart.

“If he was running away from a secret government agency why would he tell everyone he encounters?

“Why wouldn’t he go straight to the media or hide the evidence, or pass it on to someone else before he is captured?

“Why didn’t the woman and her boyfriend report the man being apparently abducted in a van to the police?

“If this is not a fantasy, it is possible the man had escaped from an institution and he was recaptured by a psychiatric team rather than by Area 51 spooks.

“Also, why has it taken the person 22 years to report it?”