What Facebook & Google Are Hiding From The World

I ran across this video and I’m just amazed at how crazy things have gotten. Everything you look at and search for on the internet has been recorded and tailored specifically for you. They’ve figured out how to filter everything which they call a “filter bubble”.

We don’t get to decide what we do and don’t get to see anymore. They block out what they don’t want us to see and we never get to see what’s been blocked. I can’t do nearly as good of a job explaining it so please check out this video below and get a better understanding of what’s going on.

Meanwhile every person gets different results searching for information in the web. All web results are finally personalized by Google. There is no unique information; each information is made for each user. The world is now one where internet shows us things we want to see but not what we need to see. And this is a huge problem.

Personalized filters construct a so-called “filter bubble” – a unique universe of information, depending on what you do and who you are. We are all part of the broadcast society, where internet does the outsourcing for us. The problem is, the algorithms do not decide on a individual level and ask what is relevant, important, uncomfortable, and challenging. Are we back in 1915 in the web, where others decide what is good for us? Ask yourself.

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