What Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un’s Signatures Reveal About Their Personalities

The world watched in trepidation as Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un finally met at the Singapore summit this week.

While many were intently analysing their body language as they shook hands, and paying close attention to their joint promises to avoid “hostile military actions against each other”, others found the document that they both signed far more interesting.

The signatures that the President of the United States and the North Korean leader both left on an agreement for North Korea to eliminate all of its nuclear weapons allegedly signifies a great deal about their personalities.

Their respective signatures are very distinctive, as handwriting expert Adam Brand explains.

“Trump’s signature is large, extremely angular with close letter spacing,” Brand tells The Independent.

“This means that he is someone who needs prestige, who is very determined and controlling and who will not let others into his life.”

While the world has been given a large glimpse into the goings-on of Trump’s daily life since he assumed his presidency in January 2017, less is known about the notoriously private North Korean leader.

According to Brand, both of their penmanships demonstrate a desire for attention.

“Although Koreans may write vertically or horizontally, Kim Jong-Un clearly wrote his signature from left to right,” he explains.

“His signature is large like Trump’s – a sign that means he needs recognition.”

Furthermore, the way in which Kim’s signature rises to the right with clear spacing in between the letters could be a sign of intelligence and ambition.

The pressure that both world leaders apply when putting pen to paper differs slightly, which could be telling about the way in which they express inner stress.

“Kim’s writing stroke is more shaded, i.e. there are greater differences in the pressure between the down and up strokes, corresponding to changes in muscular tension and release,” Brand says.

“So although the slash strokes show irritability – again something we would expect – there is a flexibility here that is not seen in Trump’s writing.

“Maybe after all there is hope for the new USA/North Korean relationship.”

According to Trump, he and Kim have developed what he has described as a “special bond” following their meeting.

“We’re very proud of what took place today,” he said while sitting with the North Korean leader.