What Do a Person’s Gestures Reveal About Them

posted by Eddie

You’ve probably heard the term “non-verbal communication” — that is, communication between people which doesn’t involve using words but instead uses body language.

This fun test will show you how good you are at picking up on your conversation partner’s real mood by focusing solely on his or her physical gestures.

“The thinking pose”: your conversation partner sits with their head leaning on their hand.

He has clearly… fallen into contemplation 

He rubs the corner of his eye.

Your conversation partner…is hinting its time for him to leave

Intently observing your every move indicates that…

Your conversation partner is trying to show you how they feel

When your conversation partner crosses their legs,

it means…

that they don’t want to establish a connection, and they are cutting themselves off from you 

A sudden interest in a certain object…

shows that your conversation partner feels uncomfortable and trying  distract you from this

A multitude of gestures one after the other indicates that your conversation partner… is agitated

When a person puts their hands behind their head, they’re…

confident that they are right about something 
If their arms are folded across their chest, your conversation partner…
feels uncomfortable- this is defensive gesture

A downward glance indicates…

feelings of shame

If a person has clenched fists, it indicates that they’re feeling…




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