What are the benefits of email integration?

Today, the activity of any company is impossible without the work of an email client. And every company seeks to automate the activities of postal services. Gmail outlook plugin will help with it.

All the mail in one window

An office worker, being distracted by checking mail, spends about an hour of the working day. And if the flow of letters is above average, then you can completely dig into mail. A CRM system can help you save precious hours for more important things. No need to switch between several programs. CRM will notify you of each incoming email and allow you to answer it right in the service interface.

The data of all your clients is stored in CRM in the form of convenient cards, and in order to write a letter to someone, you do not need to go to the mail section – just click on the recipient’s email and a message window will appear. All the functionality of the mail client is preserved while integrating with CRM: a letter can be signed, files can be attached to it or edited.

Story of communication with the client in CRM

You can forget about lost emails and long searches for the right email among hundreds of inboxes. CRM with mail integration allows you to store all correspondence with the client in chronological order in his card.

In addition to letters, the client card contains data on calls, meetings, and tasks. Documents, history of purchases, payments, applications and transactions are also stored here. So, if you need to quickly refresh the history of communication with the client before answering the next letter, all the necessary data will be in front of your eyes.

Using templates in CRM

Information about promotion, commercial offer, reminder of payment – such letters are usually standard, only certain data changes in them. And what if you can not compose them manually every time?

CRM-system provides such an opportunity. You just need to click on the client’s email in CRM, in the window that opens, select the template of the desired letter and send it. CRM will automatically substitute the client’s data into the template: name, address, transaction amount, and even add the buyer’s name to the subject of the message. So in such way he will surely pay attention to the letter.

Integration with email marketing services

If you use email marketing services, you will be able to evaluate the convenience of working with them through CRM.

Thanks to this, you can:

● update customer data, delete them from the mailing list or transfer them to another database directly in the CRM system;

● import subscribers to the mailing list.

In CRM, you can assign a label to each email. For example, “Answer later”, “Commercial offer”, “Response to a vacancy”. It makes it easier to find the emails you need.

Fast email processing

When CRM is integrated with mail, you do not need to manually update information in the client base. From an incoming email, you can create a new contact, company or deal in one click. Moreover, you can make sure that the sender’s data is automatically entered into the contact list if the letter comes from an unknown address.

CRM also copes with the setting tasks via mail: if you receive a letter from a potential client, you can immediately set the manager task to call the buyer back to clarify the details.

Bulk actions with emails

In CRM, you can work with several emails at the same time. For example, reply to letters to all senders at once or change the data in the fields in bulk. Let’s say you want to change the responsible manager for several emails. In the system, this can be done in a couple of clicks.

Automation of actions with emails

Another plus of working with mail through CRM is the ability to automate the work with mails. Not all programs have such functionality, but some CRMs have it.

Email integration is one of the many useful features of a CRM system