What Are Nightcrawlers and Do They Really Exist

According to Native American folklore, these creatures, strange upright standing thin creatures with no arms, have existed for hundreds of years and have lived along-side humans peacefully.

Despite there is very little evidence to prove that these so-called Nightcrawlers are real undiscovered cryptids, in 2011, there have been multiple CCTV camera sightings of strange upright standing thin creatures with no arms walking endlessly at night.

The first appearance of a Nightcrawler took place in Fresno, California and the second appearance took place in Yosemite National Park.

In the first season of SYFY’s Fact or Faked, the Paranormal Files, the team investigated the case of the Fresno Nightcrawlers.  The case was based around a piece of footage captured by a security camera in Fresno, California.  The video shows a bizarre pair of creatures moving across the front lawn of a home.  Both the creatures and their movements are very strange.

These stick like beings move in a fluid fashion and their knees appear to bend backwards.  Analysis of the film revealed that the creatures were somewhere between three to three and a half feet tall.
The Fact or Faked team made numerous attempts to reproduce the video and prove it a hoax with no success.

Some time later, a second piece of film turned up, purported to have been filmed on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park.

The footage again shows two of the stick like beings, moving on a hillside.  The video of these creatures has fascinated many investigators.  At first glance, it looks like a poor hoax because the creatures are so surreal.

Closer examination of the footage and details however, shows that there is
quite a puzzle to be found here.  As the Fact or Faked team discovered, replicating the beings and their movements is difficult and none of the standard hoax scenarios worked.  If someone did indeed create the footage, it seems they went through a great deal of effort to do so.

Adding to the mystery of the case, a puzzling series of photos has surfaced.  The pictures show statues, carved in wood, that closely resemble the “Nightcrawlers”.  As nothing involving this case is simple, the origin of the photo’s subjects can not be determined.  The pictures surfaced from a source in Florida who claimed they were merely passed on to him by a woman in New Jersey.

A report aired on TV in Mexico displayed the original footage from Fresno, Ca and also showed the series of photographs.  The story further states that the creatures are related to Native American legends and have been living in the area since before human beings.

While the photos could have been taken in New Jersey or Florida, all signs seem to point to them having been taken in California.  It’s further claimed that the series of statues are located near a DMV office.  If this is the case, then surely a large number of people have seen these statues.