Whale Shows Amazing Appreciation After Being Rescued From Tangled Net


All animals are altruistic, compassionate, caring, emotional and especially intelligent. Today, the way we define intelligence is completely off, and I believe that many of our marine brothers and sisters are much more intelligent than human beings, at an exponential level. I think we have lots to learn about them, and from them.

“If animals could speak, mankind would weep.” –Anthony Douglas

What we are doing to Earth’s oceans is horrendous. Dead whales are constantly showing up as a result of our pollution. They have been showing up on beaches around the world with stomachs full of plastic. You can read more about that here.  If you haven’t heard about the North Pacific Gyre, a place North East of Hawaii known as “The Great Garbage Patch,” you can read more about that here.  It’s an area the size of Queensland, Australia where there is approximately one million tonnes of plastic spread throughout the ocean.

While we are on the subject of whales, if you haven’t signed the petition to stop the massive whale and dolphin slaughter on the Faroe Islands, you can do so here.  I think it’s also important to note that the U.S. Navy is killing thousands of whales and dolphins with sonar & weapons testing, you can read more about that here.

The video below features Michael Fishbach, who is the co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC). He narrates his encounter with a young humpback whale that’s entangled in local fishing nets. Without Michel, this whale was approaching near death. After the rescue the whale shows amazing appreciation as she follows her saviours and puts on quite a show for them.

When we see another living being in trouble, all of us have that spark within us to help them. Seeing someone else in pain, especially an innocent animal can be extremely heart breaking. So next time you see someone you can help, don’t be afraid to do it. You might not feel like you are making a big change, but little actions of kindness and love go a long way in healing our world. Service to others gives us fulfillment like nothing else can, it’s what our souls naturally gravitate towards.

Don’t ignore our oceans, take a second during your day to think about it, and beam your desire for change out into the universe. Even thought can help.