We’ve Watched Footage Over and Over, Yet We Still Can’t Explain How He Survived

Just as there is a reason for the many travel  and pedestrian signals on the road, there is also a reason for the signals that alert drivers and walkers to oncoming trains. And it is a very good reason.

After one elderly man got dropped off at a train station in the Czech Republic, he did something that is causing major concern for authorities and officials, and a nearby camera captured the incident on film. Right after he gets out of the car that he is dropped off in, he heads toward the crossing section, next to some awaiting cars. Then, he passes the gate and stands in front of it. He appears to be waiting at the pedestrian crossing area as if he is waiting for a train to pass, an then, just ten seconds before the train crosses his path, he decides to step out and cross the tracks. He makes it across the first set of tracks, and then crosses the second…where he is barreled over by what appears to be the force of the train or maybe even the wind.

While the train literally misses him by about a tenth of a second, he still appears to have been injured.

Witnesses aren’t sure if the man is ignorant to the pedestrian signals or if he was attempting to kill himself. One would think that he noticed the stopped cars right beside him and taken the clue from them, but evidently…he either lost patience and gave up on the idea that the train comes at all, or he had a death wish. Following his run-in with the fast-moving train, he lays on the ground for awhile and then stumbles to the side of the tracks. It’s evident that he is quite confused.

Traffic authorities have spent years researching and testing out proper placement of these signals and there is an obvious reason that they are enforced.

So, let this be a lesson to you whether you are out walking the busy city streets or stopped in your car at a red light…follow the rules. And if you are in a rush, keep in mind that neglecting to follow the traffic rules with most likely end up in even  more wasted time when you get pulled over, or worse…when you get into an accident.

And always remember that pedestrians have the right of way, so play it safe and keep your eyes peeled when approaching crosswalks, neighborhoods and school areas.

It’s still a mystery as to why this 77-year-old made the decision to step out into the train traffic at that given moment, and while we don’t have evidence that he was injured, we can assume that he was certainly shaken up.

At the end of the video you can see the other cars stop and wait a bit, but no good samaritans actually get out of their cars to check on the man.

One commenter noticed this, and shared his opinion…

“And nobody gave a shit about him.”

And others just thought the man was plain stupid…

“Stupid man.”