Welfare Leech Brags About All The Things She Can Buy That The “Taxpayers Are Paying For”

In America, land of the once free, there is a borderline psychotic state inhabiting the west coast known as California, land of the freebie.

In fact, there’s one California welfare mom who recently bragged on video that scamming the system is easy. All you need is an EBT (Electronic Benefits Card), a few illegitimate kids, and you’re good to go.

“If you want EBT, the state of California will pay you the best money,” according to this young, bold and beautiful blood-sucker. “You get free day care, you get the food, you can go to fast-food restaurants now.”

How convenient.

You see, in order for these able-bodied brood mares to prosper at taxpayer expense, certain leftist politicians have to get into office to vote these generous benefits into existence – forever.

To make sure this happens, the entrenched Democratic Party turns a blind eye to illegal immigration. This ensures a steady and growing supply of welfare recipients who are almost guaranteed to vote Democratic.

What a racket.

Perhaps this is why California is considered an “immigrant” (read illegal alien) magnet with 34 percent of the nation’s welfare recipients all pursuing the American Dream in the Golden State.

This year alone state and local spending on welfare programs in California are expected to reach $38.6 billion while the state’s long-term debt load approaches $500 billion.

It’s no wonder that the business and tax climate in California is absolutely horrific and getting worse. In 2011, 73,000 companies both large and small – 5.2 percent of the 1.3 million total – fled the state in search of more business friendly locales, or went belly up.

Meanwhile, our welfare cheat mother in California continues to live large on the public gravy train.

“I mean, who would want to work in America? This is what the taxpayers are paying for,” she said with a straight face.

Words to live by for those who don’t work and don’t care.