Weird Animals Found Washed Up On The Beach

Think you are familiar with all animals? Apparently, some rather strange and very unfamiliar creatures have turned up on the shores of beaches around the world! You’d be surprised to see them all.

From otherworldly oddities to grotesque monstrosities, we’ve compiled the world’s weirdest!

Here 23 weird animals found washed up on the beach.

1. Dinosaur-Like Turtle

If you are thinking that it is some sort of a made-up creature, then you are definitely wrong. This photo is a real one! After several studies, the dinosaur-like turtle was identified as “alligator snapping turtle” considered as the heaviest freshwater turtle in the planet.

2. Megamouth Shark

When the residents found the lifeless body of this massive creature, they thought that it was just an ordinary whale. However, they were surprised to find out that it was some strange creature they have never seen before! It is said that the creature was a male shark and was found on the shore of a beach between the provinces of Albay and Masbate in the Philippines. It was found on January 28, 2015.

3. St. Augustine Monster

This one of the oldest mysterious sea creature ever found. It was found in 1896 in St. Augustine Florida and was reported to be about 18 feet long and weighed nearly five tons. The creature may have been found more than a century ago, but it remains to be a mind-boggling part of history.

4. Alien-Looking Fish

Upon looking at this creature, the residents theorized that it was a Long Nose Batfish, but the features are just too far away. As of today, nobody really knows what the creature is and whether it is actually a fish! The alien-looking fish was found on the beach of Santos, near Sao Paolo, Brazil.

5. Trunko

This photo was taken in 1924 and shows a gigantic white blob found on the shore of Margate, South Africa. It was so controversial that it landed as the headline on local news papers and was called “Fish Like a Polar Bear.”

6. A Shoal of Aquatic Creatures

These washed up on California beach. Known as Velella velella, they float on the surface of the ocean using the stiff clear sail that sticks up from their bodies. When currents and wind are not favorable they wash up on beaches as they have no way to propel themselves.

7. Benbecual Beach Monster

A British nanny called Louise Whitts stumbled across this hideous, foul-smelling mass while holidaying at Benbecula Beach in the Scottish Hebrides, 4 meters long with a hairy body and fin-like shapes on its back.

8. Canvey Island Creature

2 similar carcasses washed up a year apart at Canvey Britain.The skin was reddish brown, bulging eyes,gills and hind legs with five-toed, horseshoe shaped feet with concave arches, suggesting it walked on two legs.

9. Chilean Monster

It showed up on the shores of Los Muermos, Chile weighing 14 tons and measuring 39 feet across. For some time, biologists were unable to identify the Globster, and it was thought to be the remains of a previously unknown giant octopus. However, in 2004, tests done on DNA found in the blob were found to match that of a sperm whale.

10. Conjoined Whales

Two conjoined gray whale calves found by fishermen in the Ojo de Liebre lagoon, in Baja California, Mexico, on January 5. Seems Siamese twins occur in the animal world too. But a very rare occurrence amongst whales.

11. Dead Monster

What on earth or space could this huge animal be, a deformed whale perhaps or a monstrous shark? looks more like something out of Star Wars.

12. Four Mile Globster

Washed up on Four Mile Beach in Tasmania, in 1997. It was 15 feet long and thought to weight 4 tons, and it was very grossly described as having “six fleshy lobes along its sides.” resembling a cows udders.

13. Head-of-Dead-Sperm Whale?

Speculation of this unknown huge bundle of skin and flesh, which probably turned out to be the head of a dead sperm whale, but still caused a bit of consternation.

14. Japan Creature

The tsunami off the Japanese coast, left this unknown blob monster on the shore. It would not be the first time something unusual washed up after a natural disaster with other shocking sightings off the coast of America and elsewhere.

15. Klipsuiers

These strange creatures wash up on the shores of Africa. Not big but ugly looking little creatures, that gnaw mussels and other sea creatures off of rocks.

16. Loch ness or Roch ness

Carcass of 5 ft long creature with rows of jagged teeth washes up on lake shore. The discovery of the carcass on the shore of Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale, Greater Manchester and nicknamed the Roch ness monster.

17. Margate Monster

Nicknamed Trunko, this polar bear like creature reportedly battled 2 killer whales for 3 hours.The creature reputedly washed up on Margate Beach South Africa, but despite being there for 10 days, no scientist ever investigated the carcass while it was beached, so no reliable description has been published.

18. Montauk Monster

The ferocious-looking carcass originated from far-eastern Long Island, New York, in July of 2008 and exploded onto the Internet shortly thereafter. Though DOA when it hit the popular Ditch Plains beach, the creature lives on in pop culture.

19. New Zealand Unknown

A New Zealand storm blew in something truly unexpected. residents of the Pukehina beach found a scary-looking “sea monster” on their shore after a recent storm, Onlookers first believed the grisly 9-meter find was the remains of a prehistoric sea creature. Now, after a more thorough examination, experts believe it was the decomposed body of an Orca whale.

20. Not What You Think

Appeared to have time-traveled from the age of the dinosaurs. A local vet identified the scaly, scute-covered corpse to be a wayward Atlantic Sturgeon, a fish that can grow up to 15 feet long, weigh as much as 800 pounds, and hasn’t really changed much since the species originated around 100 million years ago.

21. Oarfish or Monster?

This monster is either a digital hoax, or the remains of a huge Oarfish which are often found and mistaken for monsters from the deep.

22. Sea Creature

This shaggy haired, beaked monster washed up on the shores near Russia. What appears to be thick long hair hanging off the creature’s remains, a characteristic that has puzzled marine biologists.

23. Strange Toothy Smile

I would not like to trip over this weird fish/creature that washed up on a beach, could stub your toes very badly, on those huge fangs, i think a vampire would be envious.

24. Tenby Beast

A lady out walking her dog came across this hideous-looking carcass. I could see it had little hair left on it’s decomposing body. Immediately I thought it was a horse but it had claws like a bear and a body of a pig. Surprisingly it didn’t smell.

25. Very Scary

They call it the ‘goatsucker’ or ‘devil dog’ – and maybe, just maybe, this is the proof that the world has been waiting for with its sun-bleached skin, giant fangs and blond mohawk, could this strange creature that was found on a beach in San Diego really be the legendary Chupacabra?