Weather Experts Baffled At Unknown Clouds ‏

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  • Weather experts baffled, are UFO’s the cause of these strange clouds?
  • Ufologists suggest the possibility of UFO’s
  • No explanation has been provided yet as to what causes strange clouds
  • Strange clouds are worldwide phenomena

Mystery surrounding the appearance of strange cloud formations has baffled both residents and experts alike of the State of Washington and British Columbia in Canada.

This mysterious yet beautiful phenomena for some, is something that experts are having a hard time explaining. The phenomena of the appearance of the disc shaped clouds is a mystery that apparently defies logic according to some meteorologists and is something that has been spotted often in the skies.
In March 2015 a very strange cloud was discovered in Bulgaria, whose appearance was identical to a cloud formed in Mexico last year. What is puzzling in this story is that meteorologists do not seem to understand these sudden formations, since many of them are formed in clear sky.
Some users in different social networks argue that these abnormalities which appear in the skies worldwide provide evidence of UFO activity. Ufologists have also suggested the possibility that unidentified flying object can actually hide inside these artificial clouds.
The fenomeen of the appearance of these mysterious clouds has proven to be a worldwide phenomena as people from different continents have managed to photograph these formations in the sky and all of them are similar in one or another way.

More interestingly this phenomena has caught meteorologists by surprise as they have yet to understand and propose a theory why and how these cloud formations of particular nature appear in the sky.

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Whether this is in fact something that can be connected to unidentified flying objects, and whether the online community is right regarding these formations is something that cannot be answered at present, as more research is needed to form a conclusion. At present anything is possible.