We All Have Been Doing These Things Completely Wrong

In the this article we are showing you 17 things that we all did wrong without even noticing that it’s wrong! 17, might sound a big number, but once you will get to see them,  you will be surprised and wonder why it never even crossed your mind whether you were doing these things wrong or right! Look at all photos below and enjoy!

2. Watermelons should be cut crosswise rather than sliced

3. This is the correct way to eat cupcakes.

4. You should hold a glass of wine by pinching the stem with your forefinger and thumb.

5. Ever found that your headphones fall out a lot? Ever wonder why?

6. When eating pizza, you should always fold it into a U shape so the edges don’t flop over

7. To get the best out of wings, pull the cartilage on the winder end to get rid of the bones and end up with all the meat

8. Instead of pulling the green bit off the strawberries and having little bits left over, the right way to hull them is with a straw.

9. Mangos, you’ve been doing them wrong

10. Next time you do push-ups, keep those bums straight!

11. When squatting, you need to bend until your thighs are parallel to the ground

12. Bet you do this every single day!

13. The right way to tie your shoes.

14. Don’t peel potatoes anymore, just dunk them in boiling water and then put them into ice cold water and pull the skin away

15. BLT sandwiches. This is how the bacon should be.

16. And this is the best way to make sure your nails are perfectly glam.

17. Don’t waste your time anymore washing your bloody blenders, get some boiling water and washing up liquid in there, turn it on and let the machine clean itself.