WATCH: Hypocrite Police Chief Brags He Can Smoke Weed As They Arrest Others For It

 Police Chief Shane Flynt was recently suspended after a video surfaced showing him obviously intoxicated while smoking cannabis and making jokes about how he was the coolest cop in town.

The video shows Flynt smoking a pipe which he repeatedly says is filled with cannabis. In the video, it looks like Flynt is having a good time and not hurting anyone, yet his department arrests innocent people on a regular basis for doing the exact same thing.

The state of Mississippi incarcerates thousands of people every year for simply possessing this plant. Yet this police chief brags about doing it with impunity. To be clear, we are advocating for the chief to be able to use cannabis in his free time. However, if he thinks his officers can arrest people for it, while he uses it, he’s a hypocrite.

“I’m only chief of police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed. If this ain’t no cool S***, Who the coolest here? Me! I’m the coolest here!” Flynt shouted with glazed eyes in the video.

At one point he begins singing along with Christmas music out of key, shouting, “I love Rudolph the red nose reindeers.”

Flynt’s police chief uniform can clearly be seen hanging in the background.

The video was anonymously leaked to local news agency WDAM, who broke the news of the recording this week. After the video went public, Flynt was sent home on suspension by Mayor Quincy Rogers.

Shortly following his suspension, Flynt made a post on Facebook blaming the video leak on his wife and asking for forgiveness.

“Please know that one video, one mistake, does not define the person I am., my moral or ethical values. I made a huge mistake, first of all, I trusted the wrong person, welcomed them in my personal home, they recorded me in a vulnerable state and they planned every minute of it. This person being my wife who is obviously very vindictive. I love serving the town of Lumberton, the people there are like family to me. It saddens my heart that I’ve disappointed many as well as myself. Just a thought .. Where would we all be if we all had hidden cameras in our home? What would our neighbors, preachers, co-workers, friends, etc. think of our conversations? There is no excuse. I pray you all find it in your hearts to show me grace and know that I am truly sorry for this incident,” Flynt said.

Flynt is a new police chief, who was just voted in this past September, and he was apparently suspended for something else just before the video went public. But the police department has refused to comment on the nature of his earlier suspension.

In spite of his earlier suspension, a unanimous vote from the city’s board of aldermen put him back on the job just days after his suspension. To make matters even more strange, Flynt attempted to resign in the midst of his suspension, but his resignation was not accepted.

Mayor Quincy Rogers claimed that he had not yet seen the video, but when he was shown by reporters he said, “That’s quite disturbing. I’m still trying to get over this video. As superintendent of this city, I felt that I should have seen this. I’m very hurt.”

Only one board member was willing to speak to reporters, and he said that he still supports Flynt as the city’s police chief.

Board member Jonathan Griffith said, “Everyone in life makes mistakes, and, so, it is our intent to make sure we investigate this matter properly. I currently support the police chief, yes I do.”

Mayor Rogers said that his office will be taking action on the issue, but did not specify what the consequences for Flynt will be.