Watch As Octopus Leaps From The Water To Grab A Crab

Amateur videographer Porsche Indrisie shared a jaw-dropping moment of an octopus she managed to capture on film.

In the video, the octopus jumps out of the water, onto dry land, and snags himself a crab.

At first, Indrisie wanted to get some footage of the crab itself. But soon enough, however, an unannounced guest joins the party.

“Trying to steady my footing, I edged closer to the crab, and was totally surprised to witness the octopus clean it up right in front of me! Like an alien creature! I had no idea they could launch out of the water like that,” Indrisie said.

As it is, some types of octopuses can and do walk on dry land in order to hunt. And crab happens to be one of the octopus’s favorite meals.

Upon seeing the octopus, Indrisie called out to her sister, who, despite her swift response, missed out on the action. She did, however, get to see the remarkable footage after the fact.

“I’m grateful to have been filming as I’m sure no one would have believed me without it! It was just a very unexpected moment, perfectly timed,” Indrinsie said.

Watch the astonishing footage below of the surprise visit from the hungry octopus:

(Warning: language used may be offensive to some.)