Volunteer Workers Gather Near Mexican Border To Start Building Wall


Thousands of Trump supporters have gathered in several cities along the Mexican border over the last two days, to start building a border wall between Mexico and the United States.

More than 3000 volunteers showed up near San Diego in California and 2000 near Yuma in Arizona, many of them showing up with tools, machinery and even materials.

The movement seems particularly popular in Texas, where 3000 people gathered near Laredo, 5000 in San Antonio, 2000 in Brownsville as well as almost 8000 workers spread across other locations along the border.

Many of the workers are actually construction professionals who have decided to volunteer and give some of their time for the cause.

Some business people like the San Antonio based engineer and owner Harris-TEXCON, David Harris, have decided to invest some large amounts of their own money to fund the border wall.

“I’ve decided that I had to do my part, if we want America to be great again,” Mr Harris told NBC. “I bought $5 million worth of materials and came here with all my employees. I want to be able to tell my grandchildren that I funded and built a few miles of the wall myself.”

According to the various groups in charge of the project, more than $120 million have already raised to pay for materials and money keeps pouring in at an incredible speed.


The owner Harris-TEXCON, David Harris, decided to devote himself and his 340 employees to the construction of the wall.

The volunteers seem exceptionally motivated, some of them claiming they’re ready to “work day and night until the wall is complete”, but the lack of organization is already causing many problems.

Many workers have been waiting for materials for two days, while other construction sites lack the proper machinery and equipment to be fully functional.

The White House hasn’t reacted yet to the situation, but the popularity of the movement has led many experts to believe that Washington is more likely supervise and coordinate the construction than to try to stop it.