Vladimir Putin Has A War Room and It’s Straight Out Of A Bond Movie


Vladimir Putin is a hugely controversial figure but he appears to have at least some common ground with everyone else, he’s not a fan of ISIS.

He’s launched an all new three-tiered, multi-billion-rouble National Control Defense Center and it’s straight out of Golden eye.


The Russian Ministry of Defense’s new command center is designed to coordinate action by the Russian military around the world and planning how to tackle ISIS seems like an appropriate time to show the new center to the world.

It’s a step towards forming a single information space for solving tasks in the interests of the country’s defense. Defence minister Sergei Shoigu said.

The ‘war room’ is situated in Moscow and sits just two miles from the city’s infamous red square.

The building is roughly the equivalent of the U.S. National Military Command Center used by the Pentagon, but as one Russian state news agency noted in a breathless headline this week, ‘Russian Defense Data Center Outperforms US Facility Threefold: Official.’ The center, which is fortified and said to sit on top of a maze of underground tunnels, is on the Frunze Naberezhnaya on the left bank of the Moscow river, a little over two miles from Red Square.

The Washington Post reported.

Do Russia really need something like this, or is it just s power play to the rest of the world? Only time will tell.


Bro Bible, The Washington Post