Vladimir Putin Escapes A Second New World Order Assassination Attempt

In the underbelly of the modern society lies a hidden cabal who have for a long time held the strings of all facets of the world and society. The division of borders, societies, nations, and races amongst others, are tools that the cabal uses to build an illusionary veil of choice while they rule from the underworld with an authoritarian fist. Many events of the modern world happen with their blessing, and their fingerprints are left on every continent and corner of the world. They call themselves the New World Order or NWO.


The NWO may sound like they rule supreme, but even the Supreme have enemies. In this case, their enemy is a formidable man with the mind of a fox. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has time and again thwarted the efforts of the Order. So much of a threat was he to them that they have decided to take direct action against him, in the form of an assassination attempt.

This is the second attempt on Putin life, the first attempt was back in 2014 when WorldTruth.Tv published the article, you can read the article here:

Putin had barely escaped with his life after a Mercedes sped from the opposite lane and rammed the President’s official car head-on without warning. What had saved Putin was probably inside information about the plot. He had switched cars right at the last minute before embarking on the route that the plot would take place.

His favorite driver was not so lucky, as he valiantly gave his life during the accident acting as a decoy for the president.In the footage released by the Russian state media, the president’s official BMW gets smashed by the black Mercedes while hurrying down a Moscow highway.The Moscow police department is currently investigating the case and have yet to announce any official details.


Putin has always known the existence of the NWO and their purpose of subjugating the elected rulers of the world under their thumb. Some even say that he is aware of the NWO plans for the near future, which may be part of the reason for the assassination attempt.An intelligent man of iron will, this is the type of man that they would fear opposing them. The iron will of the President of Russia has enabled him to survive the smear campaigns directed at him by the NWO. Their efforts to discredit his rule over the past half decade have backfired and has even gained him more support.There were the attempts using the Panama Papers Leak, and near-constant directed attacks from both the American government and the mainstream media.Unfortunately for the NWO, their plans to build a powerful world needed some sacrifices, like enabling mass education and the advancement and sharing of technology. These sacrifices inadvertently spawned a generation of enlightened folk who clearly see through the NWO’s plans and lies. Putin just happened to be one of the strongest among the enlightened to oppose them, leaving them no choice but to silence him.


Vladimir Putin was apparently shaken by the incident, but quickly recovered and continued to press on with his goals. He had understood the high stakes that he is now involved in when he rejected the path the NWO had laid out for him.Jacob Rothschild had declared Putin a ‘traitor to the NWO’, but Putin remains unfazed while facing down the NWO. His life may be at stake, and there might be another attempt on him soon in the coming weeks. But he remains unfazed as his iron will asserts itself and pushes him on to fulfill his duties to the world.