Video: Smugglers Filmed Loading Drugs Into Truck Near Border

A homeowner in South Texas alerted the media after surveillance cameras at his ranch near the border captured numerous men transferring what appeared to be drugs into a truck.

Footage from a home near Rio Grande City shows smugglers meeting with a driver at a dead end, loading bundles into his truck and speeding off all within the span of a minute.

The men had crossed the Rio Grande River nearby and traversed through one mile of brush to reach the drop-off point.

The homeowner, who asked not to be identified, told KRGV he recently installed the cameras to protect his property and family.

“When we saw it was getting more dangerous, we opted to put up cameras. They can leave bundles on my property and if police show up they’ll say ‘It’s your house, it’s yours,’ and they can arrest you,” the man said.

The man claims he’d confronted smugglers at his property in the past, “but they told him it wouldn’t stop them from completing their mission,” according to KRGV.

“I tell them, ‘Hey, get out of here!’ and they say, ‘Oh, we’re working,’” the man recalls.

The homeowner told KRGV he’ll “continue to fight to return to the days when his home wasn’t a corridor for criminals.”

The footage is reminiscent of exclusive footage captured by Infowars in 2015, in which a brazen daylight drug smuggling operation was conducted in full view of our cameras ahead of President Trump’s trip to Laredo.

The latest footage comes amid reports that illegal immigration along the southwest US border has doubled in the past four months, according to government statistics monitoring the number of illegal aliens captured.
“Officials say the number of people caught is a rough yardstick for the total flow, so more apprehensions means more people are trying — and succeeding — in getting through,” reports The Washington Times.