Video of London Mayor Shapeshifting Into Reptile on Live TV Goes Viral

Footage that was captured during a live TV interview with London Mayor Sadiq Kahn appears to show him transform or “shapeshift” into a different form.

During the interview, his face seems to flicker and pixelate like a broken holographic projection, and many believe that this is due to him shapeshifting between human and reptilian.

The eerie recording was taken from an interview on live TV with Mayor Kahn in which he was discussing the recent terror attacks in the UK.


Kahn has come under increasing pressure over his handling of the attacks and has even faced public criticism from US President Donald Trump.

Since the most recent London Bridge and Borough Market attack, a lot of troubling information about Mr. Kahn’s past has emerged about his connections to Islamist extremist groups, including ISIS.

It has also come to light that in his previous career as a lawyer, he represented defendants accused of terrorism and Jihadist extremism.

Video footage has also emerged of his defending 9/11 terrorists.

 Many are claiming that Sadiq Kahn is somehow connected to the recent spate of attacks and that he may be an agent who is pushing the NWO agenda.

According to Marino Delphino, Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn shapeshifted on live TV while playing his role in the scripted staged London Bridge Terror Attack Hoax for the sheeple to freak out and get the political result desired for the Brexit.

Reptilians use liquid crystal holographic technology, with Hybrids and Clones being placed in strategic places to accomplish the NWO Agenda.

The Reptilians is a greatly misunderstood race due to our limitations in understanding.

The Reptilian Collective consists of several branches:

1) Reptilian: (Pure DNA).

2) Reptoid: (Human- Reptilian Hybrid).

3) Reptilian Hybrid: (Non-Human – Reptilian Hybrid).

4) Draconian: Similar to the original Reptilians, but they’re physical.

This is an amazing liquid crystal failure on HD!

Reptilians use Liquid Crystal Holographic Technology to hide their real form…

According to Reptilian researcher, David Icke, members of the Illuminati, including all world royal families, and high powered business, and political families are the descendants of ancient hybrids between reptilian aliens and humans.

Icke was asked by the interviewer if he genuinely believed in the theory and where it stemmed from.

He said: “Oh God yes. I did not sit in a dark room and come up with this theory nor go looking for it.”

“I have traveled and been to 50 countries to research it.”

He said people all over the globe had provided the same evidence to back up the theory, including CIA insiders.

He said: “It took the form of meeting people who tell of experiences of seeing people, often in positions of power, change from a human form to a reptilian form and back again in front of their eyes.”

Icke claimed that ancient texts across the world, including the Bible, had accounts of reptiles interbreeding with humans to form these “hybrid bloodlines”.

He said: “The hybrids became demigods – part human, part god.

They were obviously perceived as gods.”

  “The hybrid bloodlines were the ones that became the royal families of the worlds.”

“In the Chinese empire, they claim the right to be emperor because they are descended from the serpent god.”

“It is all founded on the myth of dragon and they all come from the reptilian connection to justify the right to rule.”

“Look at ancient texts and the Bible. Do you really think that the snake in the Garden of Eden was really a snake?”

“In texts around the world, you find recurring these Garden of Eden situations involve reptilian entities.”

“The Hebrew name for snake means two-legged standing upright humanoid reptile.”

Icke claimed interbreeding within the aristocracy was to ensure the bloodlines were not weakened.

He said: “The head of state in the UK is only the head of state because of genetics or bloodline.

“He said the bloodlines spread from the ancient world to the Roman Empire, to the aristocracies of northern Europe.

He said: “The whole obsession of interbreeding among royals and big banking and political families is to hold the genetic structure together because it would quickly be diluted if they bred outside it.”

In order to maintain control, Icke claimed the hybrids had to spread their bloodlines into top political and business families across the globe.

Icke was asked where the reptilians originated from and said it was in space “from outside of the human frequency, the range of visible light.

“He was also asked why, if shape-shifting lizards were running the world, was he able to talk about it and remain safe.

He said: “There are also forces on this planet that do not want this.”

“Don’t get caught in the idea they are all powerful.”

“If they were all powerful they would have taken over a long time ago, but there is an illuminate of interbreeding families.”

Icke was also asked what he thought of critics of this theory.He said: “I don’t care if people believe it.

Icke was also asked what he thought of critics of this theory.

He said: “I don’t care if people believe it. I’m interested in what is going on not winning popularity contests.”