Video of Justin Bieber’s Latest Reptilian Shapeshifting Meltdown Goes Viral

Shocking footage has emerged of Justin Bieber that appears to show the usually-pint-sized pop star transform into a “giant lizard”.

The incident took place in Sydney, Australia last week when Bieber was ambushed by screaming fans whilst out walking with his security team.

Smartphone footage filmed by one of the fans shows a visibly stressed Bieber attempt to run away through the crowd who descend on him further and block his pathway.

As he passes, his face changes and many of his features disappear as he shapeshifts into a partial Reptilian form.


9News Australia reports: Fans of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber were screaming for a different reason after a recent sighting of the “Sorry” singer in Sydney last week.

Beliebers were left “terrified” after witnessing their hero “transform into a monster” whilst trying to escape from a group of young girls who spotted the blonde icon out and about with his security guards.

One of the teen fans described the bizarre encounter; “We heard he was near by and hoped to get a selfie with him,We couldn’t believe it when we saw him!

He was running towards us so we ran up to him to get close, but he changed. It was definitely him when we saw him, but it wasn’t him when we got close.

His face was a bit green and looked like a snake and he looked really big.My friend Flik was sick on the floor.

We won’t try and meet him again.”A mother of one of the young hopefuls said; “He looked like the scary one from Harry Potter [Lord Voldemort], but he was more green like a lizard.

I’m not sure if it was some sort of sick joke, but my daughter’s only 6. He should know better.”

This isn’t the first time Justin Bieber has been accused of shapeshifting in public.

In early March of this year, there were reported sightings of him shapeshifting into a giant reptile in Perth Airport during a previous visit to Australia.The incident caused huge panic in the airport and people scrambled for the exits.

Experts claim that Bieber belongs to a group of shapeshifting Reptilian humanoids known as the Babylonian Brotherhood.

It is believed that their goal is to control the world and usher in the New World Order.

According to historians, we are now in a golden age of reptilian sightings with sightings of reptilians around the world at regular intervals throughout history.

There is a belief that the world is gaining consciousness, waking up, and that the veil is slowly lifting.It is said that Justin Bieber, a member of the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline, is becoming one of the most commonly sighted shapeshifting reptilians in the world.

Reptilian humanoid experts claim that shapeshifters struggle to control “the change” under moments of increased stress.It has been reported that Bieber has a disdain for his Australian fans which may be a reason for the increased sightings in Australia when confronted by them.

According to a March, 17 article by the NZ Herald, Justin Bieber reportedly told a fan she made him sick after she asked for a selfie.The 23-year-old singer was approached by 20-year-old Sabah Helal in Sydney, Australia, during the week but left her in tears after verbally lashing out after her request.Justin allegedly said to her:

“You’re invading my privacy, I don’t want a photo. Look at you, you make me sick.”Sabah’s mother Houda Bennaoui told The Herald Sun:

“My daughter was bawling her eyes out. She was dying to meet him and then he humiliated her.”After years of supporting him, my daughter will never see him again in concert.”