Someone May Just Have Discovered A Dead Mermaid (VIDEO)


Believers in the supernatural will be thrilled but fans of ‘The Little Mermaid’ will likely be horrified – a rotting corpse of the mythical sea creature has apparently washed up on a UK beach.

Paul Jones claims to have made the spine-chilling discovery on the shore at Great Yarmouth on Sunday and posted the extraordinary video to Facebook.

The footage has already garnered almost 1.7 Million views as internet users come to terms with the discovery of this half-female, half-fish monstrosity. The accompanying images have been shared 20,000 times, although many viewers remain are still not convinced it’s real, and some just see what they want to.

The largely skeletal remains consist of what appears to be decomposing flesh in the midsection of the body and exposed eye sockets on the face, but the tail appears intact, flapping furiously in the breeze.
This news does come with a slight caveat, however, as Jones is a member of the Facebook group Horror and Halloween DIY. Make of that what you will.