Veteran Has An Anxiety Attack, But His Dog Knows Exactly What To Do


Dogs are extraordinary creatures. There’s a reason why they’re considered man’s best friend and it’s not their cuteness.

Sure, the cuddle factor plays a large role here, but there’s something even more amazing about dogs that the early humans discovered after they domesticated them, something that goes way deeper. Dogs possess great emotional intelligence, which makes them the perfect companion. They don’t need special training to be helpful and supportive; that’s partly because it’s very easy to form an emotional connection with them – one that’s as unbreakable as their spirit.

There are countless stories on the internet about pups who have saved entire families from fires, burglaries and earthquakes, as well as dogs that have helped countless individuals on the streets and at home. Most recently, there was a story about a brave pup who saved the life of a drowning toddler and let’s not forget the service dogs that are trained to respond in emergency situations and deal with a wide array of issues.

There’s a special kind of dog that helps with people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD dogs are trained to respond whenever their owners are starting to experience a panic attack. They are instructed to alert and comfort the person experiencing the panic attack, which is how they prevent a variety of behaviors associated with PTSD, such as panic attacks, nightmares and anxiety.

Here’s a video that perfectly showcases what we’re talking about. The short clip of the Rottweiler comforting his owner who is about to have a panic attack. The guy in the video is a war veteran, and like many vets in America, he needs the love and support of others to cope with the experience of war, and Rottweilers are the perfect dogs for that.

“Rottweilers make outstanding working dogs and show their loyalty and devotion to those whom they love.” Very few people actually know that there are active programs that help veterans find dogs that will give them the strength to deal with the panic attacks that plague them ever so often. The programs are actually free, so if you know a person suffering from PTSD, make sure you let them know.