Vatican’s Chief Exorcist Father Amorth Warns: ‘Practicing Yoga Causes Demonic Possession’

The Vatican’s chief exorcist blames rise on demonic possessions on yoga and reading Harry Potter.

Father Cesare Truqui has recently taken over the role of chief exorcist for the Catholic Church and has certainly taken to his new job with a splash. He has spoken publicly about his belief that demonic possessions are now at crisis levels across the world and he has a surprising explanation for why these occurrences have reached such alarming levels. According to Father Truqui, demonic possessions are on the rise because people are reading Harry Potter and practicing yoga.

The popularity of Harry Potter and other fantasy novels, movies and television shows has apparently led young people and adults alike to engage in certain activities that have led to the summoning of satanic spirits, explains Professor Giuseppe Ferrari. He writes that characters in shows such as True Blood and The Vampire Diaries who are unambiguously demonic are presented as beautiful, desirable and endowed with superpowers. This kind of influence can lead to some naïve people dabbling in occult practices, with terrifying results. “There are those who try to turn people into vampires and make them drink other people’s blood, or encourage them to have special sexual relations to obtain special powers, “said Professor Ferrari.

Yoga has been blamed because of its origins as a form of ancient worship of the Hindu deities. The Catholic Church has warned that the various poses pay tribute to these gods. Practitioners of yoga from faiths other than Hinduism may not attract the attention of the Hindu gods by doing so, but rather demonic spirits who can use their vulnerability to enter the person’s body.

Given his belief that demonic possessions are on the rise, Father Truqui has bemoaned the lack of exorcism training in the Catholic Church. “The ministry of performing an exorcism is little known among priests, “he said, “It’s like training to be a journalist without knowing how to do an interview.”