Vatican Insider: Demons and Djinn Seen Via New Software Developed

Vatican Insider Develops Software that sees Demons & Djinn hiding in Plain Sight

The Mark of the Beast, The Mark of Cain, The Gift of Inheritance, Ancient Prophecies, Scriptures, Technologies working together in harmony showing new data and insights.

Shinichi Moriyama from August Day

Working with Extremely Rare Documents from the Vaults of the Vatican and other Scriptures of Antiquity scattered across the Globe.

Mr Moriyama offers Valuable insights and knowledge that very few possess.

Shinichi has been able to track his lineage back over 10,000 years and thru 3 Global Resets thus far.

Currently Mr Moriyama is working with Technologies that have been highly polished and fine tuned over the past several years.

Im sure most of you know wha a .jpg is or a .mp3

The technology Shinichi is working with allows the camera on a newer Smartphone, equipped with the proper software to detect “Creatures, Beings, Demons and Entities” hiding in plain sight.

Some beings are so incredibly large and brobdingnagian, it is hard for most human minds to comprehend. A vast network of Consciousness weaved all around us. Did you know the human eye only picks up .01 percent of the electromagneticlightspectrum and thats if we’re lucky because often times the brain will filter out unto another 50% of that information.

1.Shinichi Moriyama Lineage – 3 Global Resets
2.Mr Moriyama details his extensive work with the Vatican and software developers in the past.
3.How the software works.
4.What is the Mark of Cain.
5.Mark of Inheritance.
6.Enormous Creatures hiding in Plain Sight.
7.How and when will this software be available.
8.How to contact Shinichi.