Using A Simple Plastic Zip Tie, You Can Easily Open Practically Any Lock – This Is Pretty Scary


At a time when keeping your things secure is never more important, understanding what does and does not work for keeping people off your possessions is vital.

So knowing there’s tricks like this that’ll grant access to most key entry locks, well it’s enough to make you switch to combination locks forever!

In a few seconds, and using only a zip tie, any thief can bypass your security measure and take whatever they want, take a look below at how it’s done. I can guarantee that by the time you figure out how easy it is, you’ll already be throwing your old key locks out!

With just a zip-tie, thieves can pick your lock in less than a minute.

A metal lid can be fashioned into a tool to open your lock.
Even a chopstick is enough to get in your goods.