Use This To Wash Your Face For 1 Week Only, You Will Love The Results

In order to keep our skin healthy and have a nice clean complexion we should all wash our face twice a day. The quality of the skin depends on the products you’re using as well. Many products claim they’re healthy and beneficial, but have you taken a look at their label? Most of these products are harmful and full of harsh chemicals that can irritate and harm your skin, which is why you should try using natural remedies. Here’s a nice facial mask made of natural ingredients which will keep your face clean and shiny:


Baking soda

Coconut oil


Mix the ingredients well, then apply the mask on your face carefully. Make sure to avoid getting it in your hair as it will make it look greasy, and wet your hair first before applying the mask. Cover the cheeks, chin and forehead area and massage in circular motion. This will exfoliate your skin gently and rejuvenate it. Make sure not to press hard – light motions work best or the mixture may damage your skin.

Now, leave the mask to work for a minute or two, then remove it with a damp cloth. There should be a light film of coconut oil left on the skin, which will hydrate it and give it a nice glow. This amazing mask will also detoxify your skin and stimulate circulation by boosting the metabolic function of your skin cells. As a result, your skin will look fresh and clean, while glowing like never before!