Use Green Onions As An Alternative Medicine

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With today’s modern technology we have a remedy for almost all diseases. Man has found a way to cure almost every infection, outbreak or pain and ailment. Technology has become better but we thought only to facilitate us. This was in fact a wrong judgment. Today’s medicines are mostly full of steroids that have hundreds of side effects. Even a normal allopathic medicine comes with side effects such as nausea. But what can one do when he is suffering from a disease that has a cure most suitable in allopathic medicine? Well that is our misconception.

The scallion (green onion):

Today doctors use scallion (spring onions or green onions) as an herb to treat most of our illnesses. This small salad onion is the true answer to you call as it is a healthy and fit way of medicating one’s self. The green onions were and still are a necessity in all recipes of China; include that of tea, and wine. Moreover, other herbs and natural products that they include in their everyday dishes are ginger, garlic, honey and vinegar. All of these as well as the green onion seem to be healthy forms of treatments. But let’s consider how especially the green onion plays a vital role in medicating a person without side effects.


Different Parts for Different Remedies:
Each part of the green onion has its own super quality. It serves as a medicine for different diseases. You may want to go through the following to understand the use of each part.

Next is the white stem at the bottom, a bulb that is a copy of our everyday onions. This part contains the carbohydrates, yes the glucose and Allyl sulfides are present here which are good for a sound health. You may find this part in our dishes but it can also be eaten in a raw form. Make sure u take it every now and then as it is potentially needed by the body.

Many other advantages of the green onions in medicine include that it clears out the respiratory tract and expels sputum or phlegm. It also stimulates our sweat glands and promotes sweating which is important for our existence. Many people suffering from perspiring disorders may use it for their betterment. Moreover, the spring onions have useful oils and even seem to normalize blood pressure; plus it increases our appetite by curing indigestion or stomach problems. One of the biggest advantages may include that it inhibits the growth of cancer cells and is a natural healer for colon cancer. It has vitamins like A and C in the stem and calcium in the white part. Lastly it speeds up blood circulation and helps in the absorption of vitamin B1.

Over the centuries, we have seen Chinese emphasize on the importance of green shoots, especially the green onions. The dominance of this herb in their food of daily life is enough to show their love for it and its attributes can be seen in their sound health and long lives. Moreover, in south Asia, we see that many people staunchly believe in herbal remedies and anyone with good knowledge of herbs would define the green onions to be an excellent choice.


If you suffer from a sore throat, chop the complete spring onions, steam them and place them in a towel. After that place that cloth on your neck, chest and shoulders and you will feel better. Why? Because it encourages perspiration that lowers the body temperature and you feel better. If you have swollen feet, boil the green onions, then grind them into a paste and place them on the swollen part. This remedy has been in use since ages. If you have a runny nose, boil the green onions and soak a cloth in this water. Place this cloth on your nose and for sure you will feel better.

The reality being that there are numerous useful tips with reference to green onions that improve health. Use it as a medicine like many people do and as they have done in the past. There are numerous ways to use the green onion in its fresh form, this way, there are minimum or no side effects. It is being cultivated on a larger scale now since its usage has increased over some time. Homeopathic doctors also refer green onions as a super vegetable and a must add in our daily food.