USDA Allowing Companies To Process Chickens In Unregulated China. What You Need To Know

If you browse through headlines about how China treats food exports, you might feel sick enough to lose your lunch. For example, Chinese companies have recently been exposed for selling plastic rice to their neighbors.

But despite this information, the USDA has ended their ban on processed chicken imports from unregulated China. That means that Chinese chickens are sold all over the United States without any specific country of origin – you have no idea what you’re eating anymore…And the truth will make you sick.

Do you like the idea of being fed chicken processed in China without any supervision from USDA inspectors? Neither do most Americans…

Within the last year, China has had an outbreak of disease in their fowl populations. China also reported numerous dead pigs in the water sources of Shanghai. China sold rat meat as other products. And yet, the USDA is willing to turn a blind eye to China’s cheating and scheming when it comes to food products.

The new USDA legislation allows American companies to slaughter chickens in the United States, ship them to China for processing, and then have them re-exported to America. Does that make any sense? Why is the government exporting JOBS to China?

New York Times reports indicate that no USDA inspectors will watch Chinese processing plants – although that potentially-tainted chicken will be shipped back to the states for consumption.

You will no longer know where the chicken you’re eating is from. And you won’t know how many hands touched the meat that you just marinated and put on your grill.

The USDA will no longer require point-of-origin labeling. This de-regulation of the food industry is putting average Americans at risk.

You will no longer be able to tell if the meat in your chicken nuggets was processed in the United States or China (or if it is even chicken or potentially rat meat).

Chicken is not the only food being sent to China for processing. The Seattle Times reports that China will now handle and process Pacific salmon and Dungeness Crab before shipping it back to be consumed in the United States.

The founder of Trident, which profits off these changes, Charles Bundrant, ships about 25 percent of his annual harvest to China for cheap processing. More than 30 million pounds of salmon will be touched by Chinese hands instead of American’s because they are cheaper.

Bundrant said: “There are 36 pin bones in a salmon and the best way to remove them is by hand. Something that would cost us $1 per pound labor here, they get it done for 20 cents in China.”

Do you think the USDA should protect American consumers from Chinese scams and schemes?

China stands to gain a lot by getting American meat processing work. Because Americans eat more meat than other people around the world, China will have lots of business from meat markets and slaughterhouses in the States. They will process the meat cheaply and get it back to your mouth – without having to report the true practices it has been run through.

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