US Soldiers Can Go Invisible ‘Area 51’ Scientist Claims

The above footage of a US Soldier re-materializing is an oldie but goody.  Many of you haven’t seen it before.  I lost a Youtube account years back and it happened right after I posted it.  I saw tons of government trolls and shills attack in force which is always an indication you have found something good!  I believe the US has given some of their elite units the ability to go invisible for at least a period of time.  It’s like something out of the movie Predator.  It seems this soldier’s invisibility wore off before he could get back inside his tank!

Ed Slade, the only Area 51 scientist to come forward with the truth about the aliens told Stew Webb right before he died he was seeing  the “invisible guys” in his home!  He said he was missing documents after he saw them.   Ed Slade is the only Area 51 scientist who came forward with the shocking truth about the aliens and how they could manipulate matter.  He worked with the aliens or “demons” as we know now them from Joe Jordan’s research.

Ed Slade won an award for his rocket design on the lunar lander.  In this interview he tells how he was upset when he saw the lunar lander on the moon because the gold covered legs had no dust on them at all!  He knew they didn’t use his rocket motor since it would have kicked up massive dust on this gold foil.  When he asked why his motor wasn’t used, the NASA people basically told him to shut up and take his award for the rocket motor!  Ed Slade let an incredible life.  He made special machine guns for Lyndon Johnson!  He was a very interesting man who was taken from us before his time!  Please share his story.  Stew Webb interviewed him before he was killed.