Urgent Sensitive Wal-Mart Memo: What Do They Know That We Don’t?

A “sensitive” internal memo has been distributed to all Wal-Mart store members which urges stores to purge all “Chilled and Fresh” items in its dairy, meat and produce departments.  Essentially, the call has gone out to all stores to discount and purge all perishables ASAP!  Wal-Mart does not typically put out “urgent and sensitive” memos to their stores unless something major is brewing. This is NOT just a blue light special.
It is known that Wal-Mart has a very close relationship with the Department of Homeland Security.  In fact, this author has a family member who is extremely high up in Wal-Mart’s corporate chain of command, and has disclosed that Wal-Mart works closely with DHS ad FEMA as a necessary distribution channel to distribute goods as part of the disaster and emergency relief supply chain, and additionally has worked with DHS by installing facial recognition cameras at the entrances and exits of every Wal-Mart store in their chain.  The database of electronic transactions, as well as matching facial scans of every customer is uploaded to DHS servers and used as a cross reference of ID on the almost 80% of the U.S. population which frequents their local Wal-Mart to shop.
Knowing this closely connected relationship, could Wal-Mart be purging their perishables because they have inside information from the DHS about an impending event to take place within the USA?  This “urgent and sensitive” memo is very, very disturbing and should cause great alarm among the general population —- which unfortunatey does not have inside access to U.S. Government information.
Both Reuters and the New York Times has publsihed information regarding this Wal-Mart memo:
(Reuters) – Wal-Mart stores Inc issued an “urgent agenda” memo to its store managers across the United States last month, laying out guidelines to boost sales of “chilled and fresh” food, the New York Times reported.

New York Times / VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. — The dairy section in the Walmart super center here, just across the border from Queens, was sparsely stocked. Some gallon jugs of milk were dented, others soiled with what looked like dirt. The meat aisle had run out of ground beef patties and strip steak, and residue streaked some shelves.

The disarray and out-of-stock items at just one store appear to be examples of wider problems that Walmart is pressing store managers to address.

Last month, the retailer issued an “urgent agenda” memo to managers across the country pushing them to improve performance on “Chilled and Fresh” items in its dairy, meat and produce departments, part of an effort by Walmart to stem long-sluggish sales. It also reflected customer complaints that Walmart has received in recent years as it has expanded offerings of organic foods and produce, often at cheaper prices than its competitors.

The memo, marked “highly sensitive,” tells Walmart marketing managers to make sure that the company’s 4,965 United States stores discount aging meat and baked goods to maximize the chance that those items will sell before their expiration dates. The memo — leaked for public use by a Walmart manager unhappy about under-staffing — also tells stores to be sure to “rotate” dairy products and eggs, which means removing expired items and adding new stock at the bottom and back of display cases.