Unusual capital of Mexico

If you want to visit a truly unique city that balances an active pace of life, modern neighborhoods, homes, and historic architecture, then

Mexico City is the best choice for it. For one thing, the capital of Mexico City is the third largest city in the world. In this megalopolis, people live at an accelerated pace, without pausing for leisure. But that’s only at first glance. In fact, Mexico City has another side. The side of coziness, of calm, of historical atmosphere. Just imagine that this city has more than 1,400 historical monuments from different eras and more than 10 archaeological parks. The most prominent places tourists can visit on their own or with a walking tour Mexico City. The city is worth seeing at least once in your life to fall in love with it forever.

When is the best time to visit Mexico City?

The historic spirit, beautiful architecture and great atmosphere of the city are kept here 365 days a year. But locals advise visiting the city in spring, specifically from March to May. The small problem of the summertime is the rain. The rainy season starts in June and lasts until early October. So if you like to walk around the beautiful city with the sound of rain, this time is ideal to visit Mexico City. And if you prefer dry weather, the summertime is not the best time to travel to Mexico’s capital.

Places of Interest

History, modernity, culture, tradition, new technology, authenticity – this is all about Mexico City. To visit all the attractions of this city, you should live here all your life. But tourists are advised to visit a few must-see locations for the fondest memories of the city:

● Plaza de la Constitución is one of those places. It is the largest square in Latin America and is home to two monuments: the National Palace and the City Cathedral.

● Post Palace. If you have seen the legendary movie Titanic, you will definitely love this place. The palace inside resembles the halls of the legendary ship, and the luxury of the marble walls, gold, monumental staircase with a bronze railing will surprise everyone who visits this monument.

● The National Museum of Anthropology is one of the most outstanding historical museums in the world. And here it is, in México City. Unique monuments of the antiquity of extinct Indian cultures are harmoniously combined with elements of the culture of modern Indian civilization.

● Another pride of the city is the Library of Vasconcelos. This monument takes us from antiquity to the future. The library is one of the most modern and original in the world. You can feel yourself in Hogwarts because the racks of books seem to fly in the air. The magic of this place really captivates tourists.

Mexico City is sure to surprise tourists with the number of attractions, modern locations, and landmarks. It’s all uniquely combined in a harmonious way. Therefore, everyone will find special places here that will enchant the capital of Mexico forever.