Unreleased Prince Song Refers To Prince Charles As A ‘Shape Shifting Reptilian’

Ben Smith, a music writer who is currently working on a biography of the pop idol Prince, who died last year has claimed that he heard a sensational unreleased song from the music legend which claimed that Prince Charles of England had revealed himself to be a shape shifting reptilian at the De Beers and Versace “Diamonds Are Forever” charity fashion event in 1999.


According to Smith, while some have argued that this previously unreleased song was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, that was not the impression that the music journalist got. “I’ve listened to every minute of music Prince released, as well as thousands of hours of bootleg and unreleased tracks.

I know when Prince is joking around or being sassy. But on that song (Royal Reptiles) you are hearing Prince railing against the powers that be. This is peeved, Prince. Angry Prince, ” he explained. “Royal welcome? More like a mafia shakedown. How about I pardon you? In your cold blooded dreams, ” Prince sings on the track, going on to say, “Royals are reptiles, Charlie’s a reptile, Lizzie’s a reptile, they want to eat you and me.” In the refrain, Prince says that he has a desire to ‘split’ the royal family ‘in two’.


The song, which is entitled ‘Royal Reptiles’ was recorded during sessions for songs destined to appear on Princes ‘Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic’ album which was released in 1999, but clearly a decision was made not to include the controversial track on the album. Smith says that he is not surprised by that decision.

He said that not only is the style of the music very different to the kind of output Prince was working on at the time, but the nature of the song is so controversial that the pop star probably decided to hold it back from public release.

Abbie K, who describes herself as a Prince obsessive, has suggested that the pop star may have wanted to release the track at a later date as he was never afraid of speaking his mind, even on the most controversial of topics. “He spoke about chemtrails live on national TV, back when nobody was daring to talk about chemtrails, ” said Abbie K, “He exposed the Illuminati. He spoke truth to power. He wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone.”

This is not the first time that allegations have surfaced about the Prince of Wales is a shape shifting reptilian. It has been claimed that Princess Diana, the Price’s former wife, made similar claims to a close friend before her death in a car accident.