Unidentified Plane Circled US City For 2 Weeks – Government Silent

Step aside, UFOs. A different type of unidentified flying object has puzzled aviation experts over the last several days… and it’s been circling over one of the largest cities in the United States.

A mysterious aircraft has been drilling holes in the sky over Seattle for close to two weeks. While the plane is almost certainly military in origin, the Department of Defense has been almost completely silent about its purpose or mission.

According to The Drive, the transport aircraft is a uniform grey with no markings except for its cryptic tail number. Observers in the Seattle area have repeatedly spotted and reported the plane in public airspace, and believe that it is operating out of Boeing Field.

Most military aircraft are clearly marked with their unit information, but the origin of the phantom plane remains an enigma.

“As to who sent the aircraft and who even takes ownership of it, those details have turned out to be incredibly tough to pin down,” The Drive explained.

“Though it seems indisputable that the aircraft is or at least was U.S. government property at one point based on its Air Force-style serial number, none of the obvious U.S. military organizations claim they are aware of the CN-235 or its activities,” the news site continued.

After numerous requests, Air Force Special Operations Command did vaguely and begrudgingly admit that the plane was connected to them, but was extremely tight-lipped about any further details.

“AFSOC contacted us again stating the aircraft does indeed belong to them and that it is doing ‘training,’” reported The Drive. “They would not elaborate or did not know what unit the aircraft belonged to specifically or exactly what type of training it was doing and who else was involved.”

Of course, the often-used “training” explanation could be either true or a cover for another mission.

Aviation experts analyzed high-resolution photos of the airplane and publicly-available flight paths, which showed the aircraft performing repeated tight circles around urban areas.

With this information, analysts were able to speculate on its capabilities. The overwhelming consensus was that the mysterious plane was involved in detailed surveillance of the Seattle area.

“Above all else, these types of surveillance systems are especially good at capturing and monitoring so called ‘patterns of life’ over and around a target area,” explained The Drive.

“This is an especially useful tool when collecting intelligence on an enemy target or group of targets over time and can open up new possibilities when it comes to the  process of finding, fixing and finishing the enemy.”

The vehicle interest magazine elaborated that this capability is often superior to traditional satellite imagery.

“Simply put, instead of recording a snapshot in time such as what a satellite can furnish, persistent airborne surveillance sensors capture massive amounts of exploitable information over hours and days,” the site explained.

If the military’s stock “training” explanation is correct, crews may be using Seattle as a test area for overseas operations.

However, it’s also possible that an operation was underway which focus specifically on the American city, which would hint at a more ominous mission.

“With all this in mind, maybe the CN-235 is part of a secretive set of drills involving terrorists smuggling themselves and their weaponry into the United States via Seattle’s sea or airport facilities,” The Drive suggested.

The U.S. military typically does a fantastic job of training and preparing for war. Elite pilots and operators at AFSOC certainly have earned a bit of leeway to conduct missions which protect American lives.

With that said, an extensive and secretive mission above a major U.S. city is odd, and it’s within the rights of Americans to be informed about what happens in the skies above their homes.

Hopefully, the military will be able to provide a more detailed explanation in the near future.