Unbelievable…. This Rooster Runs To Greet His Owner At The School Bus Every Single Day

Be still our hearts! We think that covers what every compassionate person will think after watching this adorable video of Frog the rooster running down the dirt road to greet his favorite human.

Apparently, roosters run much faster than we thought, just look at those little legs go! According to Frog’s Facebook page, he runs to the school bus every day and also enjoys riding in the jeep, helping around the house, and cuddling. This handsome fellow seems to be the life of the party everywhere he goes. With over 70,000 facebook followers, it’s safe to say, most people would agree!

Seeing how happy Frog is makes our hearts sing. Sadly, chickens are usually only seen as a commodity and rarely get to lead happy, full lives. In fact, if Frog were born into the industrial egg industry, he would have likely been killed as a chick. Farm animals, in general, are not very different from your pets at home. They too have their own preferences, dislikes, and personalities, and if given the chance, they can be just as loyal, fun, and affectionate. Only when begin to think of farm animals as more than just a commodity but as a sentient being can we begin to truly make a real difference for these beautiful animals.

The video went viral, with over 1 million views on YouTube. Of course, this doesn’t matter much to Frog, who keeps his social media active more for himself than for anyone else.


Frog’s social media skills are on point, though it’s not hard to be an internet sensation when you’re an adorable bird companion with adorable fluffy feet!


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