Unbelievable Moment…..Thousands Of Sardines Jump Into Boat To Escape Big Fish

Tens of thousands of sardines have been caught on camera leaping out of water and jumping onto a fishing boat in at a port in Taiwan.

The extraordinary scene was filmed on July 20 by fisherman Lu Jingwai, 31, who claimed that the large number of jumping fish made the sea look like ‘boiling water’.

It is said the shoal of sardines acted in such an unusual way because they had been chased by several larger fish.

Footage posted on Mr Lu’s Facebook shows more than 10,000 small, shiny sardines jumping on the surface of the sea at the same time at Bisha fishing port in Keelung, Taipei city.

‘It is so scary! I am being attacked by fish!’ Mr Lu can be heard screaming in the video.

Mr Lu and his friends were seen picking up the fish and put them back in the water.

He told MailOnline that it was likely that the fish had sensed a threat and jumped out of water to avoid being eaten by other fish.

The fisherman believed that the sardines could have been chased by barracudas, a large species of fish found in the warmer regions.

‘I’ve seen three to five barracudas over a metre (3.3ft) long swimming under my boat two days ago. I guess it is their hunting season these few days,’ said Mr Lu.

According to SETN.com, members of public reported sightings of barracudas near the fishing port on the same day.

Commenting on Mr Lu’s video, one Facebook user said it was ‘unbelievable to see so many fish jumping out of water’; while another user called the scene ‘mesmerising’.

A third user, ‘Nick Chang’, said: ‘The best time to catch (sardines) is when they are being chased by big fish.’