UFO Researchers Climb Mountain To Capture Incredible Footage Inside Area 51

New high definition footage has been captured of the infamous and mysterious Are 51, by UFO enthusiasts Tim and Tracy, who run the YouTube channel UFO Seekers(scroll down to watch the full video)

Area 51 is a location surrounded in secrecy, with many conspiracy theories surrounding it—from alien testing labs to storing/building advanced aircrafts.

However, government officials have always claimed it is simply a base used to test experimental crafts.

Located in the Nevada desert and surrounded by the US army, Area 51 is restricted and inaccessible to ordinary civilians. But the UFO Seekers were determined to capture photographs of the intriguing facility.

Using advanced high-tech cameras, explorers Tim and Tracy climbed a mountain 8,000-foot-high Tikaboo Peak and 25 miles away from Area 51. Armed with their super-long-distance telescope lens, they were able to snap extraordinary photos.

Area 51 has long-been rumored as a sight for UFO and/or alien technology.

In recent years, UFO sightings seem to be on the rise. Last month, we reported on a sighting in New Zealand, Manurewa, featuring a mysterious orange two-tailed blaze gliding through the sky:

Objects similar to this orange blaze do not resemble any obvious aircraft trails and it would be extremely strange and suspicious if the trails were left by some kind of test missile as government officials have sometimes claimed in the past—but why would missiles be tested right above the heads of everyday citizens?.

UFO footage similar to this gets uploaded by witnesses surprisingly frequently and the strange thing is that no one deeply investigates or provides any answers to these mysteries, and often fail to receive mainstream attention.

You can watch the full video by UFO Seeker’s here:

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