U.S. Military Knows The Identity of The Two Witnesses

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Not Normal!  Why is a U.S. Federal Airfield using at least 33 different I.P. addresses to monitor the website of the Two Witnesses?  What do these Two hidden Prophets know, that the Government is so desperately trying to learn?  New documented proof in this video, reveals that the U.S. Military has been heavily monitoring the Two Witnesses for quite some time now from this location.

Watch the video to see the evidence for yourself.  And then YOU decide.  Here is the obvious question: If their website is worth the Military allocating that many resources to monitoring two people, not to mention the man power needed to run all those computers, then WHAT DID THE GOVERNMENT ALREADY FIND on that website, that is so valuable to them?

You can see from this page on the Two Witnesses’ website, why the U.S. Government is up in arms – at what the Two Witnesses are revealing.  And there is absolutely NOTHING the Government can do, to STOP the Two Witnesses revealing the Illuminati agenda for North America, to the World population!
Part of the illuminati agenda is to forcibly proliferate the gay culture around the Globe.  But the Two Witnesses responded as they broke the story that Michelle Obama is in FACT a TRANSEXUAL whose real name is Michael – and the proof is in the following videos.   The Two Witnesses responded by TEACHING EVERYONE HOW TO RECOGNIZE A TRANSEXUAL!!!  Are you AFRAID of recognizing “the first MAN” of the United States?  The Two Witnesses are NOT afraid of Barry Obama and his gay lover named Michael in the White House – and they are calling them out! – of the closet.