2 Presidents Were At Illuminati Sacrifice In Denver Says Anton LaVey


I’m asking everybody on WorldTruth.Tv to SHARE this important article to all social networks and email lists so everybody learns about the Illuminati sacrifice going down in Denver on June 20th – 21st!  This material is always censored from my account but if all of you will share it as much as you can, it can’t be stopped!

I have a two part interview concerning the upcoming Illuminati baby sacrifice in Denver Colorado at “The Navarre” building downtown across from the Brown Palace Hotel starting at 10pm June 20th and ending with the killing of an infant in the early morning hours of the 21st.  Stew Webb has been aware of these sacrifices for decades, they happen on the Summer and Winter solstice every year!  He has been told this information from secret service agents, peoples in various Intel agencies and from eye witnesses like Anton LaVey who were there!

The Illuminati Council of 13 sacrifice will happen in the basement of this building shown below on the morning of June 21st 2015.  They will kill an infant and drink it’s blood according to Anton LaVey!  There is a tunnel from the Brown Palace hotel to the basement of this building.  Stew tells you exactly where the door is to the tunnel in the interview!

If you live in Denver or close by I hope you will call Stew Webb on the number on his website Stewwebb.com and coordinate going down there to film and knock on the door and get video!  If Stew can get people with WeAreChange or Occupy and other concerned citizens to go to downtown Denver on the night of the 20th he will do a live show and get reports from people on the ground!  Please make it happen if you live in Denver!


The Navarre – where Illuminati Council of 13 Sacrifice will happen!

In Part 1 of the interview on VeteransTruthNetwork, Stew plays an exclusive interview he had with Anton LaVey that is going to blow your mind!  You will not hear this interview on any other radio show in the world.  It’s been censored by ALL the big alternative media outlets!  Stew plays the interview at the beginning of The Illuminati Sacrifice in Denver!

 During the interview, Anton LaVey tells everything that happens at these disgusting events and names the two US Presidents that participated in them!  He also names a famous FBI agent that married into his satanic family that was heavily promoted by Alex Jones and Jeff Rense!  Alex Jones and Jeff Rense refuse to report the truth on this FBI agent they promoted that arrested patriots and who was a satanist himself!   Why?   After this interview, Anthony was beaten up badly and told Stew he could never talk to him again or they told him he would be killed!   PLEASE share this article so everybody knows what is happening in Denver!

Illuminati Sacrifice in Denver June 21st 

In the second interview, Lorien Fenton brings on Stew Webb and Gene Tatum for more information about the sacrifice.  Gene Tatum (CIA) talks about the mysterious Jupiter Island in Florida and what he witnessed there too!  Jupiter island is another home to the SAME President named in part 1 by Anton LaVey!