Two More Las Vegas Witnesses Dead: Their Car Crashed Into A Metal Gate

Couple who survived Las Vegas shooting die in tragic car accident.

A devoted married couple who survived the devastating Las Vegas shooting earlier this month have died in a tragic car accident only half a mile away from their home.

The couple had been line dancing and singing along with the country performer Jason Aldean at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on the fateful day when they had heard gunshots. Initially, they thought that the noises were fireworks but as soon as Dennis Carver realized that they were actually gunshots, he immediately positioned himself across his wife to protect her.

Two days following the deadliest mass shooting in United States history which left fifty eight people dead and more than five hundred injured, the couple returned to their home in Riverside County, California. According to their daughter, they were inundated with calls from well-wishers following the terrifying incident.

The traumatic ordeal that the couple endured together catalysed a serious change in their lives, said Brooke, and they appeared to have a new lease of life, “The last two weeks of their lives were really just spent living in the moment, ” she said.

Brooke recalls a touching incident only three days after the shooting when she was on the phone with her father, and he asked her whether he should get roses or something different for her mother. There was no special occasion; he simply wanted to give his wife something to smile about after her harrowing experience. “I swear they were more in love those two weeks than the last 20 years, ” said Brooke.

However, this brief period of happiness and optimism was to be tragically cut short. On the night of the 16th of October, the couple’s youngest daughter, Madison says that she heard a loud bang outside when she was at home. She immediately ran down the street and turned a corner to find out what happened when she came across the horrifying sight of her parents’ car completely engulfed in flames. The Riverside County Fire Department attended the scene where they spent almost an hour fighting the blaze. The couple was both pronounced dead at the scene.

Brooke says that she will forever treasure the last weeks of her parents’ lives when they were so happy and infused with a new sense of purpose and joy at life. “We’ve been given little pieces of them that we would’ve never gotten if the shooting hadn’t happened right before they died.” Brooke describes her father as a strong and independent man who always put his family first and her mother as a generous and modest person who took particular joy in the smallest things in life.

Lorraine and Dennis had been together for twenty-two years but had waited until they daughters were old enough to take part in the wedding ceremony before they got married so that they could share in the special occasion. They were married on August 9th 2010 at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas with their two daughters as the witnesses. “It’s always been just the four of us, ” Brooke said. “But it never felt lonely because they loved us so much. They were always so happy and full of life.”

Losing their parents has been a terrible blow for the two young women but they are coping incredibly well. “We’ve found some peace in knowing that our parents just loved each other so much that they had to go at the same time, ” Madison said. “They couldn’t live without each other.”