Two Cops Arrested After They Robbed Drug Dealers—Who Were Actually Undercover Cops

Two police officers are facing a number of charges for using their badges to steal drugs and money from drug dealers after they were caught in an undercover operation by their fellow officers.

Kevin Coleman and Terrion Bryson have been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture, deliver, and sell—along with criminal attempt felony and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

The Memphis Police Department’s Organized Crime Unit and their undercover officers had been targeted in February by Coleman and Bryson so it apparently was not the first time the officers had stolen drugs and money from undercover officers.

Thinking one undercover cop was a real drug dealer, Bryson offered to protect a shipment of heroin by providing a police escort for the drugs. The dirty cops said they would protect the drugs for a price of $9,000 but threatened physical harm to the undercover cop’s family if it turned out to be a setup. Eventually, all parties involved agreed to protect the transport of 2.5 kilos of heroin for a price of $4000 up front and a bonus of $5000 when the drugs arrive safely at the intended location.

The trap was set and the bait planted when undercover officers left $4000 cash in a car for the officers to pick up and, following the transport of the drugs to a storage unit, the following $5000 was given to Coleman and Bryson.

Bryson has been an officer with MPD since August 2015, and Coleman started with the force in June 2012. The arrest of the two officers will likely be a welcomed early Christmas gift for any and all defense attorneys whose clients were arrested, jailed, or imprisoned by the dirty cops. Any and all testimony Coleman and Bryson have ever given in court must now be thrown out. Equally damaging are the untold millions of dollars that the City of Memphis will have to pay out to those who choose to sue the city and the police department, whether they were actually innocent or not.

Fortunately, the Memphis Police Department can take credit for taking two criminals off the streets. Unfortunately, permanent damage has been done, and the trust Memphis residents have in their police force will be even further eroded. In a statement, MPD Director Mike Rallings said:

“We don’t care what your profession is, and we don’t care who you are. If you break the law and you’re involved in illegal activity, we’re going to stop you, this is a perfect example of great police work. We recognized that two of our own were possibly involved with criminal activity and we investigated.”

The Memphis PD can hardly claim to be above board in its dealings with the public. As The Free Thought reported in 2016, officers of the Memphis PD were implicated in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., with one former officer confessing to his role in the killing of the country’s most beloved civil rights leader.

Last year, a retired Memphis PD officer, Timothy Bates, was arrested with an arsenal of weapons in his car. He claimed to be a willing participant in the CIA’s MK Ultra program and had a chip implanted in his head. He was at the White House complaining about not being paid and he said he wanted the chip removed from his head.

This is also not the first time police officers have been found dealing drugs or stealing from drug dealers. A sheriff’s deputy in Los Angeles was recently caught setting up dealers, stealing their heroin supply, and then selling it for profit. A police officer in New York was caught running a massive drug ring and using her badge to deter police from suspecting her involvement. And several officers in Las Vegas were caught working with sex traffickers and targeting their competition in exchange for money, drugs, and access to prostitutes.