Twitter’s Creepiest Ghost Story Turns Terrifying As “Dear David” Reveals Himself

New York-based writer and illustrator Adam Ellis has many popular threads on Twitter, but his most infamous tweets have revolved around the alleged haunting of Ellis’s apartment by an entity he calls “Dear David”… whom he claims is the ghost of a dead boy with a crushed skull and severe anger issues.

The story began on August 7, 2017 with a single tweet in which Ellis – who clarifies that he suffers from chronic sleep paralysis – matter-of-factly declared that the ghost of a small boy wanted to murder him in his sleep. Thus began an extremely eerie chain of events, as documented on this and other threads:

Ellis’s established rep as a writer for BuzzFeed, combined with rumors he’s working on a book, might have helped boost the thread’s profile a bit… but regardless, the saga of “Dear David” has now become one of the most re-tweeted and talked-about paranormal claims to inflame social media this year.

                                                                                          Image: Adam Ellis via Twitter

That story, which has now been supplemented with dozens of curious images and videos (Ellis’s cats can be seen reacting to something unseen lurking outside his front door, for example), made headlines again when Ellis installed a hidden, motion-activated camera in the section of his apartment he believes to be frequented by “David” — including a green rocking chair, which can be seen moving on camera, and a second chair seemingly relocating itself to another room.

                                                                                                   Image: Adam Ellis via Twitter

At one point, closer examination of a photo taken by the author through the peephole of his apartment door seems to reveal fuzzy details of a child’s face, apparently giving Ellis the eye.

But the most recent images posted to this account have been freaking out even the most skeptical of readers… not necessarily because they offer substantive proof, but because they’re just creepy as hell:

                                                                                            Image: Adam Ellis via Twitter

The figure seen above is clearly that of a tiny child (or at least a doll-like figure), complete with signs of a crushed or deformed cranium — as Ellis had depicted in an earlier sketch of the mysterious visitor, based, he claims, on one of several dreams and/or hallucinations experienced during a bout of sleep paralysis.

                                                                                    Image: Adam Ellis via Twitter

Beginning on November 6, Ellis tweeted multiple entries on this thread detailing his latest dream about David… but this time he notes that something about the dream was different. 

Despite being nearly immobile, Ellis tweeted that his dream-self was somehow able to reach his mobile phone, in an attempt to take photographs of what he saw. “If David is going to kill me,” he writes, “maybe I can at least get [photographic] evidence.”

As David began to limp closer to Ellis, he continued snapping pictures “as he began crawling up onto my bed, still murmuring something.”

Ellis awakened before the horrific child could reach him, and he was about to dismiss the experience as yet another attack of sleep paralysis… until he looked at his phone and discovered he really had taken photos during the night.

                                                                                      Images: David Ellis via Twitter

Ellis then shared these images on the same thread… and no doubt a portion of his followers wet their pants in horror.

“So now I’m sitting here on my couch, freaking out,” Ellis tweeted after presenting the images. “I certainly won’t be able to sleep. I just felt like I needed to get this out.”