Twitter Is Freaking Out About This Camouflaged Snake, Can You See It?

When out in nature, it’s important to have a pretty good knowledge of your surroundings, and the creatures you might encounter in that environment. Sometimes a path might look safe and clear from predators or animals, but you might be completely wrong.

People on Twitter are freaking out about this picture which apparently has a venomous snake it in, but no one can find it.

This little guy blends into his environment so well, that you probably won’t be able to find him right away.

It all started when the photo was posted online by a PhD student at the Florida Institute of Technology. Keep on reading to see if you can spot the snake!

The tricky photo was sent to Helen and she posted it to her twitter explaining that there was no caption necessary. She then challenged her followers to find the snake.

The photo was originally taken by Jerry Davis. Many people on Twitter began to send in their guesses, and although some of them were close–they weren’t quite on the mark.

Either this person actually seemed to think that this stick was the snake, or they were being sarcastic–but that isn’t him either! Because of all the similar shades of brown, it makes it very hard to distinguish where the snake actually is, even though he’s in plain sight!

At first, I thought perhaps the trail of leaves was the snake somehow disguising his body to match his environment. This is not the case. Once you find him, it’s hard to unsee it. Have you spotted him yet? @CesarLuciano thought this green leaf was it, but no dice.

Helen eventually points out where the snake is hiding, but I’ll let you keep guessing for a little while longer.

She also goes on to explain that although the snake is quite small and cute, he is a Copperhead which is also known as Agkistrodon Contortrix and they are venomous.

A bite from this guy could result in extreme pain, tingling, throbbing, swelling, and nausea. So it’s definitely best to stay away from them. Helen also pointed out that there is a physical difference between venomous and poisonous bites.

They reside in Eastern North America and because of their behavior, it can lead to encounters with humans. Helen’s twitter followers began to seek advice for what they should do if they were to encounter one in the wild.

She told followers to take their friend to the hospital ASAP if they have been bitten by a copperhead, and not to try sucking the venom from the wound or do anything to increase blood flow.

She also assured people that the species is usually quite tame, and recommended wearing a strong pair of boots if you’re planning on hiking areas where copperheads live.

Hopefully this little challenge will make it easier for you to spot Copperheads in the wild. I’ll give you one last hint, it’s in the middle of the image.

Still don’t see it? That’s okay, neither did Twitter user @TheDeplorables0 until he blew it up 300% and still had issues with it. Now do you see him? He’s got little patterns on his back!

However, the scary part is that people are starting to spot more. Some people found a snake looking shape at the bottom of the same image!

Some people didn’t even see the snake in the middle, and found the snake at the bottom first! So far Hellen has yet to confirm if the lower shape is a snake as well, but it sure looks like it!