Twinkies Ice Cream Is Happening – Hostess Just Turned All Your Favorite Snacks Into Ice Cream

Five years ago, we thought we’d have to stockpile our favorite Hostess treats when the brand filed for bankruptcy. They ended up making the sweetest comeback ever, and have more than made up for putting us on that emotional rollercoaster with delicious riffs on their classics. (Deep-fried Twinkies, anyone?) Now it’s a new kind of convenient-store snacks that are melting our hearts.

After one consumer in Ohio spotted Hostess-branded ice cream on shelves, news broke that both Twinkie and Sno Ball ice cream would be rolling out to stores nationwide. The Twinkie-themed dessert appears to be cake-flavored ice cream with vanilla cream swirls and sponge cake pieces while this rendition of the Sno Ball is marshmallow ice cream studded with chocolate cake pieces and a coconut swirl.

So far, it’s unclear when the cartons will be available, but Uproxx reports that fans should expect to see the limited-edition flavors at Dollar General and convenience stores from February through May. What’s more, Hostess Cupcakes will also makes its ice cream debut.

But we’ve also been tracking the rumor swirling that the coconut-covered cakes are getting turned into ice cream bars, too — with a chocolate ice cream core surrounded by a layer of vanilla ice cream and topped with pink coconut flakes.

To be honest, we kind of wish they looked more like the original Sno Ball and less like a Strawberry Shortcake bar … but beggars can’t be choosers.

Hostess has officially confirmed that it will be releasing three ice cream flavors and three frozen treats that are all inspired by your favorite sweet snacks. They include the Twinkies, Cupcakes, and Sno Balls ice creams we reported above—plus an amazing Twinkie Ice Cream Cone, a Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwich, and the Sno Balls Ice Cream Bar.

The Twinkie cone is filled with creamy Twinkie-flavored ice cream and topped with golden sponge cake crumbles. A box contains four cones and will cost about $4.49. The Ding Dong Sandwich is covered in chocolate and filled with vanilla ice cream. You can find them in boxes of five for about $4.49 or individually for about $1.99.