Twin UFO’S Witnessed & Filmed By Dozens In Vero Beach, Florida

Thousands of videos are online concerning unidentified alien spaceships. These are analyzed thoroughly for their validity.

This particular one below comes from Dr. Steven Greer, founder of Disclosure Project and Centre for Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) was a pioneer in revealing verified evidence of such phenomenon from numerous military whistleblowers of all ranks.

As the matter of fact there are many manipulated evidence of such extraterrestrial phenomena and public opinions which brings the question of legitimacy. So, proper research and best judgement is essential in verification. Greer has consulted many people in Pentagon along with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14.
Moreover similar findings on the convention of researchers, whistleblowers, and enthusiasts last year.
Though several believe such UFO presence, the strange fact is the disagreements and dissociation among the researchers that have been preventing exact findings regarding the subject matter.
These people should collaborate with each other for the exactness of extraterrestrial findings.
Many people are still in dark in spite of verifications of UFO existence in the mainstream world. The conspiracy theory of existence of UFOs in the past has been put into consideration but still much of work has to be done. Many scientists have been advocating on the scientific study of UFOs for decades.
As stated by The Sturrock Report, one must consider the involvement of extraterrestrial vehicles and beings if there is any physical evidence on such matter. This effort of gathering world’s top minds has a primary objective of finding physical evidence through collectivity and analysis. The photographs and air/ground radar tracking have been found.One of the example in the Sturrock report includes the photographs of two Royal Canadian Air Force pilots on August 27th, 1956, in McCleod, Alberta, Canada.
One of them recounts the incident being a bright light in a shape of a disk as a horizontal sitting shiny silver dollar on his F86 Sabre Jet aircraft flight. Journal of Scientific Exploration published the analysis of this case in 1999. Many notes include failure of electrical equipment’s near the periphery of such UFOs like one of the examples from National Security Agency (NSA) Herman Oberth, one of the founding member of modern rocketry, to Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man walking on the moon states that several researchers and high ranking whistleblowers believe the presence of such extraterrestrial phenomenon with absolute certainty with verified evidence throughout the decades.
The case of Snowden’s mass surveillance revelation proves the difficulty of blowing out the secret about these Special Access Programs. There is a tremendous possibility of extraterrestrial beings and their vehicles to have been visiting the earth for many years which supports the existence of outer space civilization. These have to be scientifically studied to find the validity rather than regarding it just as a matter of gossip and conspiracy.