Try The “Principle of One Minute” Japanese Method Against Laziness


Although we sometimes begin to do what we imagined with great will, we often give up. There is a Japanese method established on the principle of one minute that helps us to keep the will and interest longer. When time is limited to one minute, things do not look difficult to be done, and of course, they bring joy and satisfaction.

Sometimes, we begin to do what we have imagined with great will, but practicing, for example in the gym three days a week for several hours, quickly neglect exercise for a longer time. Why is this happening?

There is a brilliant Japanese method called Kaizen, which includes the so-called principle of one minute. The essence of this method lies in the fact that a man performs a specific issue exactly one minute, but day by day, at the same time.

One minute – it’s quite a bit, therefore, easily feasible for every man. Laziness does not stand on your way. The same actions that you did not want to perform for half an hour, thinking up excuses and justifications, you will easily make in a minute.


And making small steps, you become perfect and achieve great results. You win uncertainty, freed of feelings of guilt and helplessness, feel success and freedom. Inspired by the sense of success, gradually increase the one-minute exercise on five-minute and so on. You will then seamlessly reach the half-hour exercise. The progress is visible!

Kaizen is originated in Japan, and the people of Western culture, this method may seem inefficient because in the West it is believed that you can achieve good results without much effort. However, large programs take away a lot of strength and energy, and they can break the man and end up without any results.

Kaizen principle fits all and can be applicable in many spheres of life. All you need is one minute.

Japanese, for example, use strategy of gradual and continuous improvement in the sphere of management.
It was necessary only to decide on your requirements and to begin application of a technique “kaidzen” in practice.