Truth About Bill Clinton’s Abandoned Black Son Banished By Hillary


In the last few days both Megyn Kelly and the Daily Beast have challenged the assertion that 30 year old Danney Williams of Little Rock Arkansas is definitively the abandoned son of former President William Jefferson Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams.

They site a alleged 1999 DNA test that supposedly proves that Bill is not Danney’s biological father . The test is non-existent. They are wrong.

African American voters will be incensed to learn that it was Hillary who demanded that Bill abandon his only son despite demands by Danney’s aunt that Bill support his offspring. How ironic, in view of the fact that as President Bill Clinton pushed and signed a bill cutting aid for single mothers.

The Clintons have gone to great lengths to cover-up the truth about Danney’s parentage, as outlined below. The facts are, however, indisputable.

Williams has never met his famous and wealthy father, but the puffy eyes, the cheeks, the nose, and the big, mischievous smile are unmistakable. Danney, 30, lives outside Little Rock and looks and sounds just like his biological father Bill Clinton. “I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies. I just want to shake his hand and say ‘Hi, Dad,’ before he dies,”.

Danney’s mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, was a street hooker when Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Williams said she met Clinton in 1984 and had at least thirteen trysts with the governor. The housing projects in Little Rock were just five blocks from the governor’s mansion, where Bill would leave for his jogging jaunts. Clinton was thirty-eight years old when he met Williams; she was twenty-four.

During this time period, Williams became pregnant. “Bill got a special kick out of having sex with pregnant women,” she said. “He said that pregnancy makes gals hotter. When I told him that he was the father of my baby, he just laughed. He rubbed my big belly and said, ‘Girl, that can’t be my baby.’ But I knew it was.”3 , Bobbie Ann Williams passed a lie detector test.

For Williams, the birth of Danney erased all doubt. “When my baby was born, he was as white as any white child,” said Williams. “I told myself, this is Bill Clinton’s baby because he’s the only white man I slept with that month [when she conceived].”

There is evidence suggesting that, for a while at least, Clinton secretly accepted that Danney was his son since a man driving a state car delivered $700 in cash to the Williams shack every month for years, leaving seven crisp $100 bills in an envelope left in the mailbox according to Danney’s mother. These payments ended abruptly after Danney’s aunt confronted Hillary and when Bill became a candidate for President.

Former Arkansas trooper Larry Patterson, once a member of Governor Clinton’s personal security team, said that on one or two occasions Clinton used Arkansas state troopers to take extra Christmas presents originally meant for Chelsea over to the home where young Danney lived. Patterson said Hillary knew nothing of the gifts. Danney looks and sounds eerily like his father. Mother and Aunt are emphatic and compelling.

We have many many photos of Danney at stages in his life where he resembles Bill. The physical resemblance between Danney and President Clinton—the facial features, nose, chin line— strongly suggest a biological connection.

Lucille Bolton who is Danney’s aunt and became his guardian when Bobbie Ann Williams was incarcerated, took the infant Danney to the Governor’s mansion and obtained a brief meeting with Hillary to demand the Clintons’ acknowledge and support Bill’s son. Hillary threatened Bolton and literally slammed the door in Bolton’s face. Returning the next day Hillary refused to see the woman. Hillary banished Bill’s son. Bolton passed a polygraph test on this exchange.

Danney then came to public notice when Robert “Say“ McIntosh, a Little Rock civil rights activist, called on Governor Clinton to take responsibility and support the boy. When Clinton refused, McIntosh publicly demanded a blood test and was prepared to take it to the media during the 1992 presidential campaign. However, the Clintons struck a deal with McIntosh: in return for his silence during the 1992 campaign on Bill’s paternity, McIntosh’s son—who was in jail serving a long and harsh prison sentence for drugs—would get a pardon.

On January 20, 1993—on the exact day and time Bill was sworn in as president—the deal was consummated when Tommy McIntosh (now deceased) got a prearranged pardon from acting Arkansas Governor Jerry Jewell, who was only Governor for a few hours after Clinton resigned to become President and before Lt. Gov. Jim Guy Tucker was sworn in to replace Clinton. He was released from jail eighteen years before he would have been eligible for parole.

Tommy’s early release was a payoff to Say McIntosh for keeping his mouth shut about presidential candidate Bill Clinton’s deadbeat dad problem during the 1992 campaign, according to McIntosh himself.

Bobbie Ann had intimate knowledge of the layout of Clinton’s mother’s home. There was no doubt. Danny’s mother described encounters with Clinton that ranged from furtive oral sex behind the bushes to frolicking threesomes in a cabin owned by the president’s late mother, Virginia Kelly, according to a Newsmax interview of Bobbie Ann.

Bolton told NewsMax in November 1998, “There’s no buts, there’s no ifs, there’s no supposes” about Danney being Clinton’s son.8 Bolton also passed a lie detector test on this point as well.

The Clintons have never flat-out denied that Danney is Bill’s son, and the media, ever complicit with the Clinton clan, has ignored Bubba’s abandoned boy for decades. Just prior to Hillary’s Senate bid in 2000, the Clintons planted a story claiming DNA evidence absolved Bill of being Danney’s father. The story ran in the Star tabloid; the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz ( now with FOX) and Time magazine accepted that planted story at face value.

Incredibly, Kurtz failed to report the Star was owned at the time by Roger Altman, a former Clinton administration official and college “friend of Bill.” A major Clinton donor, Altman had to resign in 1994 as a deputy secretary of the Clinton Treasury Department when he got caught giving the Clintons the heads up on an incipient Whitewater investigation.

Altman gave $5,000 to the Ready for Hillary PAC in 2013. Just this year, Altman contributed $250,000 to Priorities USA, a pro-Hillary PAC.11 In fact, the Altman/Kazickas Foundation has given the Clinton Foundation between $250,000 and $500,000.

The current owners of the Star now deny there was ever a DNA test performed and restated the circumstances of Danney’s birth in 2013 in the Globe, which they also own. Indeed, the Star files include no DNA test or documentation of it. The Altman-owned Star’s Clinton/Danney Williams DNA story was disinformation, and a willing media fell for it.

“Dano” today is an upstanding young man. He is a churchgoer; he supports his five children. He has a small business and is putting himself through college. While he struggles financially, his famous father is worth more than $80 million. Clinton is also a deadbeat dad—and now, a deadbeat granddad five times over.

Danney is speaking out and recently posted a short video on Twitter and Facebook. He insists he only wants to shake his father’s hand and to be acknowledged as a son, but black lives only matter to Hillary and Bill Clinton if your name is not Danney Williams.




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