True Vegas Shooting Motive Revealed: US To Enact A.I. Quantum Mass Surveillance

Numerous articles and videos are now surfacing indicating the recent Vegas shooting is a false flag operation, however most sources conclude it is part of a larger agenda to promote gun control. While that is more than likely true, the bigger picture developing behind the scenes is far more sinister.

Quantum computing has arrived and combined with A.I. and facial recognition, it is taking mass surveillance to a whole new level.

Combat Zones That See

A project of the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) whose goal is to “track everything that moves” in a city by linking up a massive network of surveillance cameras to a centralized computer system. Artificial intelligence software will then identify and track all movement throughout the city.

Quantum Computers Are Up and Running

Although tech companies remain largely silent on whether they have implemented quantum computing, there are developments that suggest otherwise:

  • In July at the 2017 International Conference on Quantum Technologies held in Moscow, Russia, a Russian and Harvard team announced they built the first 51 qubit quantum computer.
  • September 2017 Australian researchers announced they have designed a new type of qubit that they say will finally make it possible to manufacture a true, large-scale quantum computer.
  • Google and other companies involved in quantum computing are said to have mastered much of the fundamental science behind creating high-quality superconducting qubits, the big challenge facing these firms (they claim) is scaling these systems and reducing their error rates.
  • China has completed a 2,000km quantum communications ground network and is the only nation with a quantum satellite.

Since then in China over 20 million CCTV cameras have been equipped with A.I. technology that can utilize facial recognition to identify each person – upload and attach a pop-up of personal information, such as age, gender, even the clothes you are currently wearing in real time. 

Moscow officially turns on a facial recognition system designed by a Russian A.I firm for its city-wide camera network, consisting of 160k CCTV cameras.

Only quantum computers can handle that kind of processing power. 


Mysterious towers popping up in New York City that MTA chairman Joe Lhota has said:

“The base of these new pieces that are going up include whatever fiber optics are necessary for those Homeland Security items.”

And it is said:

…while Lhota claimed he was unable to discuss the question “could they contain facial recognition?”, it’s quite clear that not only do they have such tech but they also harbor massive recording technology, a massive ‘Alexa’ on steroids, listening in and recording every conversation within hundreds of feet or even miles.

The Vegas Connection:

4chan warned about the Vegas shooting 3 weeks prior, indicating financial and political motives.

Within his article he mentions a plan orchestrated by the former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and casino owner and billionaire Sheldon Adelson that will result in new laws to be passed that will increase security for the state of Nevada.

This will lead to a statewide installation of patented security machines developed by OSI Systems which utilize advanced threat identification algorithms and facial recognition. 

OSI Systems is a company that has their hands in everything, providing:

… aerospace and defense electronics, security and inspection systems, medical imaging and diagnostics systems, telecommunications, office automation, computer peripherals, industrial automation systems, automotive diagnostic systems, gaming systems and consumer products.

Nevada may just be the test state, to see how we react to this type of surveillance. 

Don’t forget: Apple’s next generation smartphone: the iPhone X through its 3D sensors will utilize facial recognition, combined with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Android users can expect similar face unlock features as well in the near future.

We Are Moving Towards A Unified Global Mass Surveillance System

Our world has become a Corporatocracy: an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests.

In 2012, it was estimated that only 5 corporations owned the planet. 

While we bicker and squabble over reforming gun laws, which never actually happens, behind the scenes the owners of these corporations who rule the world are building an A.I. quantum inescapable web of surveillance.

Not all hope is lost.