Transsexual Now On Trial For Raping 10 Year Old Girl In The Girls’ Bathroom

There’s a special place in fiery pits of hell for people who molest children. There’s also a special place for those who make provisions for such molesting (see Minnesota Schools to ‘Segregate’ Students Uncomfortable with Trans Bathrooms. and PRIORITIES: Berkeley to Charge Millions in Student Fees for… Transgender Bathrooms).

Remember when we told you passing bathroom bills to allow trannies in the stalls next to your daughters, nieces, and grandchildren would lead to terrible things? Uh huh. Well, this tranny raped a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom. A girls’ bathroom.

The trial for Miguel Martinez, who goes by the name Michelle, began on Monday, the Billings Gazette reported. Martinez allegedly invited the young girl into the bathroom with him where he allegedly fondled the girl’s breasts and genitalia, before penetrating her. The girl told police that “it hurt inside” and she started to cry, the Casper Star Tribune reported.

Nurses at a nearby medical center “completed a sexual assault exam and found redness and abrasions on the girl’s genitalia,” according to the Gazette’s report.

Martinez told police that the girl had been “talking crap” and dismissed the accusations as a “publicity stunt,” according to local reports.

Okay, firstly to the people who’ll say “But, but, he took her into the bathroom! He wasn’t already in there! See, see, trannies in bathroom laws haven’t changed a darn thing!”

Stop it. He’s a man who dresses like a woman. Which, right now, means he’s in a protected class of people. He’s also a predator who uses his protected class to get close to children. And he’s using his ability, as a member of a protected class, to enter a place the left says he should have every right to enter. In this case, a girls’ bathroom. The absense of laws here isn’t comforting.

Would this have happened regardless of the recent passing of bathroom laws? Hard to say. People break laws all the time, despite the existence of those laws. But when we raised concerns over men in stalls next to girls, the left poo-pooed us, calling us hateful bigots.

Yet here we are.

So maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t make it any easier for sexual predators to be sexual predators. By erasing laws for the sake of social justice causes. Good idea?